It’s all about the journey not the destination!

When I moved to Canada eleven years ago I was going to become a teacher. If you had told me back then that I would be a solepreneur with my own store creating online membership sites and courses I would have just laughed at you!

The funny thing is as I look back I can see how everything came as it was supposed too ~ how I was led to this point in time!

I worked hard to get my degrees and eventually teaching job. I would not change a thing about that nine-year journey. The people I met, the students I taught, the learning I accomplished. When I left teaching on June 30th 2016 so many people confounded at the why. Hey, I’m not going to lie I always did my best to be different!

All I can truly tell you was that that career was eating me up whole and consumed my life in ways I could have not imagined. There was a part of me that wanted to break free ~ and at the same time was trapped with the illusions of a secure job and income.

I had started Tricker Tarot July 1st 2015 and ran my business on the side. Mainly doing the reading circuits getting out there and connecting with the community of readers and healers. Had some of the best times with my mentors and new-found friends. It was becoming more and more apparent that I could not grow this business whilst being a high school teacher.

Ah, the feeling that started around February 2016 that I was not ‘fitting’ into the school I worked at. Hired for being different, you know tattoos on my hand, and then being let go for being different. It was around the May that I was informed to look for another job as I was not getting my contract renewed. It was a Friday afternoon, how I did not crack the biggest smile whilst sitting in the principles office! I walked down the hallway and got in my car allowing the biggest smile to beam across my face punching the air ~ the relief I have a business and I am now clear on my purpose!

Its interesting looking back as I had already taken the plunge and rented a room to read from a few months earlier. Man, I had this in the bag only needed X amount of readings a day and I would be earning the same. As I was paid pro-rata as a teacher I would have two months of pay for the summer too. By September I would be living the dream!

Well what can I say, the reality of having a one-year business and expecting a five-year business income came as a bit of a shock. They say you have to hit rock bottom to move up and I did that. Also, you have to know that the universe is going to test your perseverance. How much did I really want this? This was the hard part in trusting that it would all work out and to keep plugging away.

Well what a year half it turned out to be. I was only a tarot reader when I left teaching and that’s when the real journey began. I received my mediumship training, Reiki training, and ultimately life coach training. Who knew how much one could change in that short period of time! Well I found out that when you trust and allow things to come whilst at the same time taking action you can end up with more than you ever dreamed ~ I know I did!

So here I sit after hiring my first person to create this amazing website and give myself the freedom to create the content to help others. The brand transition was a scary prospect as I have nurtured Tricker Tarot over the past few years. Hey, I had no idea when I picked that name what I would be offering today so now I connect on a deeper level with who I truly am and the service I offer to others ~ the alchemist who create something precious from nothing.

What is your journey? Where do you stand today? Please connect with me if you are struggling to see the woods for the trees! Maybe some guidance through the cards or jumping into the Life Coaching Program would suit you best. Always remember the universe guided you to me today!

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