Am I Crazy?

As someone who has spent a life time be surrounded by spirit and also on my own finding a way to push that out of my life, I often have people come for my guidance with many symptoms including depression and anxiety. Now, understand in this blog I am not saying for people should stop their care under their Doctor and stop their medication however, what I pose here is there is another reason and way to heal yourself of these aliments. So, do these areas that follow speak to you?

One of the biggest things that I have found through my work is that one of the causes of anxiety in the people I see is from being an empath. What is an empath? It is a person who basically feels and takes on the emotions of people they are with. Now obviously there are varying degrees of this from mild to extreme.

If we take a moment to look at the extreme, imagine walking into a mall full of people. Now when you left your home you were in a good mood excited to buy a new outfit. When you arrive at the mall you are greeted with an overwhelming feeling that takes over your whole being. It is so overwhelming you are not actually sure what you are feeling. It is so debilitating the only thing you can do is to leave and return to the sanctuary of your home. Even when you arrive home it would take many hours to shake off that feeling.

For an empath they may not even be able to distinguish their own feelings from another. The point being, whenever they come in contact with other human beings, they cannot control how they feel. Many do not even know why. They will find it particularly hard being around sick or very negative people.

I have discussed the extreme for others they may be able to cope with small groups of people to only one or two. Our current medical system only treats the symptoms and not the root cause in many situations. So, someone may be prescribed anti depressants and anti anxiety medication. These for some may never really cure their problem. Depending on your Doctor or even councillor they may not believe in empathy or even know how to treat it.

Considering this add into the mix with some people their connection with spirit. Now for me even though I chose to supress my gift it was still something that was acceptable where I was raised and seen and spoken about freely. With the spread of Christianity and the Patriarchal system many Witches, Medicine Women, and Healers were hanged for their gifts. For many women from this point it was frowned upon to even talk about what they had so over time each new generation did not have the support as they grew into their gifts.

Often times people are getting messages from spirit in what they should do. They may also channel and be confused after how they knew something. Even to the point of having premonitions about the future which when you have no training can be very scary.

It has taken me a long time to learn the difference between messages from spirit and my own thoughts. It has also taken me a lot of practise to be able to be confident in a room full of people knowing the proper skills to protect myself from other people’s negative energies.

I am here today to tell you that you are not crazy! That maybe, just maybe, there is a reason modern medicine has not helped you heal, that there are alternatives out there such as spiritual, reiki, yoga, and connection with a community of like-minded people that can help you heal and be confident in a crowd of other people.

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