Gratitude Journaling

When you talk to friends, family, or colleagues almost everyone you may speak to will have that one book that changed their life. For me it was The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. This book is based around the premise that if you have gratitude in your life that you will have more things to be grateful about.

The day I picked up this book was July 30th 2015 at the Calgary airport on our way to visit family and attend my best friends wedding in England. You know there are no coincidences for the thing we choose each day in our life. Little did we know what was in store for us for the trip we had so longed planned for and the events that unfolded when we arrived back a few weeks later.

All started really well. The flight was what you expect a long hall flight to be. When we arrived, we ended up getting a free upgrade on the vehicle we had ordered and was now driving a flashy BMW. We went to visit my mother-in-law for whom I had not seen for five years. I had missed her so terribly since we had moved and due to her age, she only ever managed the trip to Canada three times. We planned the next days of activities and went to my Nan’s to rest for the rest of the evening.

The following day we spent the whole day with my mother-in-law. My children were only 7 and 9 years old when we left England so we were taking them to some of the places they had forgotten or had never been. Lunch at the café on Shoreham by Sea beach, ice cream at the park, and then dropped my mother-in-law off to get ready for the evening.

The evening was something we were all super excited for Indian dinner with my Nan and my hubby’s brothers and their partners. We arrived at the restaurant first and the others trickled in. We ordered drinks and were looking at the menu when my mother-in-law had a massive stroke right in front of us all!

As you can imagine this was the turn of events that no one expected or wanted. The majority of our trip was spent in the hospital as we watched a strong woman change into a fragile and helpless person. We barley made it to my best friends wedding for whom I was a bridesmaid. This was just the beginning!

We returned from our trip to discover the men working on our home whilst we were away had made some major mistakes, there was a stop work order, and we had no money left, on top of an inhabitable home. Moving into my parents for three months and me and my hubby worked tirelessly after work and through the weekends to get our home up and running.

I had started a new teaching job at the end of august with travel times of over an hour each way did not help the situation. I was also building my business and had a massive computer malfunction. Our beloved dog had a brain tumour and we had to euthanize him. With the culmination of my mother-in-law’s passing early December as you can see life through us some curb balls through those short months.

We went back to England for the New Year of 2016 and my husband said how that book changed our lives. As we sat with the rest of his family seeing the devastation of her passing, we sat with the absolute gratitude of her being a part of our life knowing she was in a better place.

I still to this day write my gratitude journal every day. What becomes clear is that if you don’t have gratitude for the things that you already have in your life how will you ever receive more? If you hate your job you will not receive another job you will attract a job you hate. If you do not have gratitude for the money you have you will not attract an abundance of money you will attract less.

I have over the years increased abundance in so many areas of my life. I have a thriving business that I created from the ground up, I have an abundance of family and friend’s who support me, and I am growing an abundance of wealth! When you have gratitude you not only have the foresight of what you would like to create you also have the patience and trust of the universe that at times it knows what is in store for you better than you do. The doors that are meant for you will open and quickly when you are filled with gratitude!

Are you intrigued how this could change your life? I have created the course Intro Gratitude Journaling.

Please comment below how 28 days of gratitude changes your life!

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