Break Free from the Masks of your Life!

You may be surprised at the different masks that you put on in a day. When you are home the theory is that all your masks have been removed and we are our true authentic selves. Yet, that also depends on the relationships you are in with the people you live with. Now, think about your work, family, friends, colleagues, how you are compared to the store versus the pub. Multiple times in a day we put on and take off these masks.

Why do we wear these masks? I believe that they begin when we are children as we are learning the socially acceptable norms of our culture. It is said the children hear the word ‘no’ an astonishing 400 times a day! When you think about why our way of life seems to be attached more to the negative side of life this may be an indicator! We also have to learn how to behave in different situations in our world.

Then as we get older, we may learn some of these lessons the hard way. Our peers may laugh or mock us for something we did. We soon learn that in this situation we cannot do this or think this. As you can see over time we have been told and learnt so many different things that they may even become intermingled and entwined that we have a completely distorted view of how we are actually supposed to behave.

There are obviously positive aspects to our personality too. However, we tend to focus on the negative parts as mentioned above these trauma compound over a period of time. If we tend to get the same feedback in several areas of our lives, we may think that there is apart of our personality that is flawed. This is how we create these different masks that we put on and take off to suit the situation that we are in ~ this is normal.

How many of you out there have got to the point now where you are not really sure of who you really are? The many layers of your being, or the multiple masks have created a dichotomy of your true being. If you think about the film ‘The Mask’ in this respect the mask revealed is true inner being and in the real world he did not like who is was.

I am not going to tell you that to become your authentic self is easy ~ as it is not! There are many layers that you will have to work through to finding your authentic self. A good start is learning how to say ‘no’ and not doing what other people expect of you if it is not in your best interest or what you would like to do. Life is quite short and you shouldn’t waste it doing things others expect of you.

That leads me to the second thing you should do and that is start living your life for you! We are all put on this earth for a purpose. It isn’t always grandeur and your work with animals or the elderly may be just as important as the work of Oprah Winfrey! When we take our focus from other people’s journey, stop comparing, and center on ourselves, then we become our authentic self.

It is completely possible to take off all the masks you wear right now and be yourself in all areas of your life. Want to learn more?

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