Personal Development Plan

You may be wondering how some people manage to make such big shifts in their life on their own! Let’s be honest here, personal development is not for the faint hearted. It takes a lot of effort and will power along side that sometimes ugly, part of delving into one’s self.

If you look at successful people, I believe you will notice a theme in the type of person they are. Here are my observations;

  • they will be very focussed and clear on the goals they want to achieve
  • they definitely don’t give up at the first setback
  • they are willing to make short term sacrifices for the long-term goal
  • they are not phased by other people’s opinions about them or their goals
  • they are organized
  • they put themselves at the top of their list
  • self care and routines are a must!

Honestly, the list could go on and on and really these are just a few!

Now, some people are naturally like this and yet others have to work at becoming successful. A lot of times it does depend on our families, culture, social status, education, health, and so forth that influence the paradigms we carry around success.

There is no right or wrong and we certainly put no blame upon our parents as each individual does the best they can with their own knowledge and paradigms. Sometimes, an individual decides to break free from old paradigms and strive towards success.

Remember, success looks different for each person. Each individuals purpose may not be to run a multi million-dollar company. For some creating a loving family, being a nurse, or becoming free from an addiction, it looks very different for each person. Do not judge yourself on someone else’s journey. You have to dig deep and decide what it is that you wish to achieve!

Here are a few pros and cons with doing self development on your own;

Pros; the cost is minimal in the respect that you may purchase some books and maybe online courses. There is a lot of free resources on the internet right now. You can also work at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.

Cons; you may bypass the tough stuff and allow yourself to do only the easy parts. You may not push yourself and succumb to your limiting beliefs. Without the guidance and strategies, you may fall off the wagon sooner than you had anticipated.

Of course, I am an advocate for Life Coaching as I have invested a lot into my self through self development courses and personal life coaching. I can attest to the progress of my clients and my personal experience, that its sometimes the outside perspective that actually helps you break through your stuff! This month I have created the Intro Personal Development Plan so you can work on yourself and if you need the extra support you can book a discovery session to find out about my Life Coaching programs!

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