Self Care Routine

There is so much excitement and discussion of self care today that it almost makes people run the other way! Throughout my journey of self discovery and eventually leaving my teaching position in the public-school system I now truly understand the importance of self care.

Hey, we all have to learn the hard way ~ or do we????????

What is self care anyway? Well I guess it depends on each individual. What I think is great self care for me maybe your worst nightmare! When you think about the term it really discusses that it is a necessary human function where an individual takes control acting upon deliberate and self initiated routines for the benefit of not only their physical health also their mental health.

Honestly, the majority of people are still stuck in the ethos of fixing the symptoms instead of the root cause of the problem. As a life coach and Reiki Master I help people get to the root of health issues and help them lay foundations to maintain.

It is super important for you to know that you have to find what works for you and it is really no good in trying to imitate other people’s routines. It took me a good six months to find a routine where I could maintain the things, I thought important.

Play around with your time blocking and schedule adding and deleting things, moving them to different times of the day etc. until you come to a place where it is easy and you stick to it therefore, becoming second nature. It is also good to understand that you have to adjust your self care routine as the year changes. What you do in the summer looks very different to what you do in the winter.

Where to begin? What fills your soul? Add one thing into your day that you do just for you! This may be a soak in a bubble bath with a book, going for a run, meditation, coffee and a snuggle with your pet, the list is really endless. The purpose of self care is for you to fill your own cup. When your cup is full and not empty you actually make a better wife, mother, worker, boss and so forth. If you are depleted and run down you will only become more irritated and grumpier ultimately taking it out on the ones you love.

For me I get up early before anyone else rises in my home and do my gratitude journal, Reiki healing, and visualizations using my theatre of the mind. I love that hour to myself to get clear for the day ahead. The summer months are drawing in I will add half an hour run/walk in too. For the winter I have convinced my dad to be my swim buddy and we will go 2-3 times a week. As a business owner I have created my schedule to be like clockwork and now I am adding health into the mix.

Would you like to get some more guidance around self care? Explore further with my Intro Self Care Routine online course!

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