Sarah Tricker

Casting Spells

Even today with all the leaps and shift in the world surrounding faith and religion there is still many old stigmas attached to Witchcraft and magic. This blog today is to break a few of those myths and give you a quick guide surrounding the ethics of casting spells. As always this written from my …

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Fire Festival

August 1st sees the turning of the wheel celebration called Lammas. Wicca, Pagans, and Witches have what is called Sabbats. There are four major ones that are fire festivals. In the old day’s villagers used to gather at these festivals making large bonfires as well as fests that were prepared by everyone. Then there are …

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Summer Energy

I don’t know about you however; I love the Summer! Many people often laugh at me as I’m the one that is always cold. If you’ve seen the meme on Facebook or Instagram of the person with a sweater that goes from head to toe that’s me! To top off being cold all the time …

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Self Care Routine

There is so much excitement and discussion of self care today that it almost makes people run the other way! Throughout my journey of self discovery and eventually leaving my teaching position in the public-school system I now truly understand the importance of self care. Hey, we all have to learn the hard way ~ …

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