As a seeker of knowledge books are a significant part of Sarah’s life. To be able to put pen to paper and solidify her ideas and set them into history appeals at a deep level. Throughout time thought leaders have changed the world through writing. Now even more so, in a time where information is available to those who seek it, is time to own her story!

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No doubt you are here today as you are searching how to live an inspired, joyful and prosperous life. Join Sarah Tricker with 22 other thought leaders in their journeys into Inspired Living

Becoming a Writer

Krystal Hille founder of Hille House Publishing has been on a journey that created her yearning for a countermovement. As a single mother of two children Krystal is an international speaker, bestselling author, and soul leadership mentor. Her passion is to guide conscious creators to ignite global change.

Literature has been a strong theme throughout her life. At university she studied English Literature and Theater Studies. Through her career as a drama teacher and theatre director Krystal began to understand human motivations through these genres.


This wasn’t the only influence in her life. Spirituality has always been something that flowed deep inside her. Over time Reiki and Tantra, among other things, propelled Krystal into running retreats. Like many people the pandemic saw a huge shift in her business.


Fate always takes us just where we need to be. Krystal now guides light workers and change makers together. She is the vehicle for clients to have the permission they were searching for. They can step into the world of becoming an author with certainty and confidence.


Since 2021 there has already been three multi-author books published. This includes over 90 thought leaders from 5 continents and 20 countries. Each book published has become an international seller!

What will you gain?

Inspired Living: A Guide To Ignite Joy And Prosperity

Tap into your inspiration a vibrational energy

Sit in the stillness where Inspiration will spark

Find potential to create a life of joy

Believe in your worthiness to manifest true potential

Sarah’s Chapter

Weaving the Threads of Magic from Grove to Lea

Embracing the cycles of nature breaking free from the shadows of the forest into the bright meadow

Over time humans have slowly become disconnected with mother earth. The earth is now primarily seen as a resource to consume and those living here are too busy stuck in the rat run of consumerism.

Sarah shares her journey in the path of finding magic. From a child where she feared her familial gift as a child. Yet as she grew her path weaved her to a place where she could no longer hide.


Fully embracing the magic in her life Sarah created the Locrina Coven in 2019. The fear of repercussions ran deep through her DNA. In only a few months did the whole world change ~ alongside Sarah’s dream.

When we learn to walk alongside mother earth and embrace the cycles of the seasons and grandmother moon everything in life changes. Sarah shares her story of her journey to discover magic which brought joy and prosperity truly igniting Inspired Living!

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Inspired Living

Available June 24th 2022

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