You are looking for a change ~ so tired of everything being as it has always been. I would hazard a guess you are ready to reinvent who you are and have no idea where to begin! There is something yearning inside of you and you may be experiencing a disconnect with the spiritual inner self and the outer worlds. Walk this journey with me and I will harness your uniqueness and curiosity inspiring you to connect with your authentic self. We will work intimately throughout the year with the inclusion of Reiki level I and ancestral healing for you to receive a deeper level of movement.

Exclusive Life Coaching

What is a life coach?

A person who guides someone through specific areas within their life helping them breakthrough barriers that have been holding them back and to become resilient to life’s challenges.

Where did life coaching originate from?

The term was established in the 1830’s at the Oxford University and was slang for a tutor who helped students to pass their exams.

Who uses life coaching?

You may think of big stars such as Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, Brad Pitt, Nelson Mandela, & Bill Clinton who are just a taster of famous people who have a life coach to get them to the next level. Yes, even the stars have worries and doubts which may stop their progress!

Is it for me?

Do you have to be aiming to be a millionaire business owner to get life coaching? Of course! However, a life coach is not always about money and career! A life coach is there to help you break those patterns that were created as a child ~ something you had no control over! You do have control now and can choose a different way!

What kinds of things do life coaches help with?

Relationships Career Money & Abundance Health Confidence & Self Esteem Finding your Purpose Balance of Mind. Body, & Soul

Why choose me as your life coach?

1. I am a life long learner;

How does that benefit you? I have a love for finding knowledge and I always endeavour to improve myself. In my search for knowledge there are so many different tools I have gathered over the years to improve myself. I have an education & social science degree. The areas I studied included history, sociology, and psychology. My hunger for knowledge has also taken me into horticulture and the healing arts such as Reiki in which I am a master. That improvement of myself led me to personal development where I personally made huge shifts in my life. Life coaching was the piece that has brought all my knowledge together. This has given me the skills to help others who want to empower their lives making the changes they so desperately want!

2. My gift;

I am a spiritual reader, healer, & teacher which I believe gives me an added layer of depth to help you align your mind, body, and soul. My gift is generational within the female side of the family. When I went through a self development program the part that was missing for me was the spiritual aspect. I will weave this throughout your coaching program which adds a deeper more connected layer to your journey.

3. My entrepreneurial side;

I made the bold decision in June 2016 to leave my teaching profession and create my own infrastructure! This has given me a wealth of knowledge in both a government structured environment and in the process of building my own business. This hands-on experience has allowed me to work through some of the biggest hurdles within my own life. I come from a non-judgmental standpoint and can help you reinvent yourself with support teaching you new tools.

4. I’m creating a community;

Throughout my journey so far, my purpose has become very clear in that I am impacting women’s lives by helping them to become empowered within their life, whatever that looks like for each individual. I believe there should be a community of women who love, care, and support each other to grow to their highest potential. This community begins with you and your commitment to grow to be the very best you can for yourself and your family!

Exclusive Life Coaching

Do you prefer an to work through your emotions and paradigms in a more intimate setting? One on one coaching may suit your needs! The Exclusive Life Coaching is a year long program that is designed to fit your individual needs. We will work intimately throughout the year and include Reiki Level I and Ancestral Healing to receive a deeper level of shifts!

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Certified Coaches Federation

The Certified Coaches Federation has trained and certified more than 8,000 Life Coaches and Executive Coaches since 2006 and is now considered one of the Best Life Coach Training & Certification Programs in the world!

* Voted Best Life Coach Training Course 3 years in a row!

* No other Coach Certification and Training Program has been endorsed by more Life Coaches & Executive Coaches than the Certified Coaches Federation!

I have my Life Coach Certification through the Certified Coaches Federation which I believe gives me the tools to help you achieve the next level in your life. There is a standardized process which some other coaching companies may have missing from their certifications. Many of the most successful people within our world have had a life coach beside their side. Life coaches have life coaches!

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