The Metaphysical Centre is permanently closed.

We’re in transition to a home based business.

Looking back over my life each twist and turn, accomplishment, setback, momentous and small feats, has led me to right here and right now where my purpose is now a vision! The wisdom I hold as a healer and spiritual reader is generational through the feminine side.
I was not ready to embrace my power for most of my life. I married, raised a family, attained my education degree, and taught as a high school teacher ~ there was always something missing! My attempt to conform to society threw me into a position where I was at a crossroads, teacher or spiritual reader and healer. As scary as that moment was I know there are no coincidences and I set out on the path of the unknown.
I am the first woman in all my family history to embrace my gift with the intention of empowering others!

Wicca Supply Store

When you enter our centre in this little Southern Alberta Town in Fort Macleod you will begin a journey that you would never imagine. Nestled in the Main Street is a store that is truly full of magic. Salem the black cat, the keeper of this sacred space, often greets you as you begin.


We all have to start somewhere! Begin here at the Spell Carousel where you may sit for a while and choose the perfect spell for your desires. Here you are given the recipe for your own magic spell.

Moving to the Herb Hub you will discover peculiar herbs and wares you may not have seen before. Items such as black salt and vervain. No need to worry the Witches in house are always here to counsel.

Going deeper into this mystical place you will encounter the Crystal Cove that will allure you with its sparkling gemstones. We do not wish to overwhelm you so we keep our selection unique.

There is yet more to explore, your journey is no where near complete. Twisting and turning you will stumble upon the Book Nook with many delights to be found. From books to decks there will be something to ignite your creativity.

Is it time to seek some guidance or to heal the past ready to step in to the future with strength and sprite? Visit the Healing Haven to recharge and rejuvenate.

We do not want to give all our secrets away as you will discover there is the Candle Corner and Enticing Incense among but a few things sure to do! There is one thing you can be assured, you will leave here enchanted, motivated, and feeling the magic!

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