The modern world is full of continuous stimulation. Through the high demands of all aspects of your life it is easy to get disconnected to the natural rhythms of your being. Discover how retreats can create a sacred sanctuary allowing you to align mind, body, and soul.

Hey there!

Here at Sarah Tricker Alchemy we trust in divine guidance and know that you have landed here today for a reason!

You feel you have gotten off track!

You are finding it hard to make clear decisions!

You have lost who you are disconnecting with your purpose!

You are feeling overwhelmed with all that is happening in your life!

You are feeling more and more disconnected with your surroundings!

The Journey to Retreats


Sarah’s journey has tended to be one that has been walked on a solitary path. Being an empath and healer it has often been hard to be around people. The urge to fix others’ hurt became a negative force for many years. This really led Sarah down the route of becoming an introvert. Self-protection and preservation..


Many years of self-discovery and personal development has slowly enticed Sarah out into the world. Through her teaching career where she worked closely with colleagues, it became clear that being a part of something greater was often more satisfying than trying to do it all alone.


Stepping into her life purpose and leaving teaching pushed Sarah back into her old ways. As a soulprenuer Sarah once again took control of all aspects in her life. When her business expanded and she finally released some control the people she invited into her space became counterproductive. Everything comes into our life as a lesson. After some deep healing it was once time to get out into the world again making connections with others.


With the creation of the Academies, Signature Programs, and Locrina Coven the power of sacred spaces became significant in the work Sarah does. Many of us had time to recalibrate through the last few years. Now it is time to come together and create a sanctuary to align our souls.

What will you gain?

Calm your nervous system, aligning mind & body!

Shift your consciousness to a healthier way of living!

Create space to reflect, renew, and restore your body!

Find the power of healing in the sacred space of others!

Connect with your own personal & natures natural rhythm!

I am ready!

About Our Retreats

What makes us unique is that we have created sacred ritual as part of every aspect of Sarah Tricker Alchemy. Whether you come for spiritual guidance, learning the tools of esotericism through the academies, or complete self-evolution of change in the signature programs, everything is steeped in ritual.

With the transformation of the Sacred Healing Retreat Sarah is answering a calling to inspire the healing journeys of others. It is most important that we adapt your retreat to the healing journey of your group. There is no denying that each group comes together for a reason and call upon Sarah for that same reason. No two retreats will ever be the same as you and your group will enjoy your own uniqueness!


What is different is that you host the retreat from the comfort of your own home. You invite the guests, you choose the space, organize the food, and Sarah does the rest! This means that you too as the host get to fully submerge and enjoy the retreats with your hand selected guests. You will be able to make memories and share stories of the experience you shared together.


Healing Retreat Themes

Life purpose

Past life clearing

The mother wound

Connecting with your gift

Aligning mind, body, and soul

Healing body wide illness or trauma

Authenticity ~ removing the masks of life

Transitions in life; marriage, divorce, childbirth, death, empty nest

If there is something else you would like to do in your retreat please connect with Sarah. These are just some of the specialties that Sarah has created and yet is more than willing to connect with your group’s uniqueness planning to suit your needs!

What’s Included?



We hold so much power within the body and can shift it through movement. In this context we tap into restorative yoga to fully relax and align the body. The day will begin with Yoga and end with Nidra. To fully integrate all you have discovered through the day your retreat will end with ‘Yoga Sleep’ utilizing the space between wake and sleep to achieve enlightenment.

Spiritual Guidance


In inviting Sarah as your facilitator you have a choice of all her modalities to enhance your chosen theme of the retreat. You may align with one or many from; tarot, mediumship, Reiki, tea leaf readings, and spiritual empowerment coaching. There is space held for individual connection with spirit.

Sacred Healing


There is so much healing energy that comes from a supported group. In your retreat there will be a healing action where Sarah will facilitate a practice of flow and movement. This will translate into actionable steps that will shift deeply within your being.



There is one thing you are guaranteed, your whole retreat will be saturated in ritual. From the moment we meet and part. Each member will receive an individual gift intuitively made for them. Every intention and section we glide through will include a profound ritual of connection. As above, so below.

Your Investment

One Time Payment


per person
(gst included)

NOTE: There is a minimum of five participants to a maximum of twelve. This price includes everything from travel to gift packages.

Who this is not for!

This is a Sacred Healing Retreat and although we want to serve all clients this is not suitable for parties that include alcohol or the use of drugs. Sarah leads a life of sobriety and honours her work as connection to the divine. Over time people have invited healers and readers as a party trick or party favour to entertain their guests. If you are searching for entertainment we gently ask that you continue your search as we are not for you.

Contact Sarah Tricker

Education Degree

When I moved to Canada I embarked on becoming a teacher, something I had wanted for a very long time, well since my children were born in the late 1990’s.
I worked very hard as we lived in a small town out of the city and at that time my children were only young. My husband was also a long haul truck driver so I was doing it all on my own through the week. I learnt how much I could push myself and my children saw what it was like for someone to strive for their goals!
I know it still seems strange to many people that after all that work I left teaching and all its benefits to start my own business. I can assure you though that it worked exactly as it was suppose too! I now have so many skills as a teacher from working in the system that make the classes I teach professional. I have combined all my knowledge and spiritual gift into something quite extraordinary!
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