There are no coincidences and you are brought right here right now for a reason!


You have struggled over the years to find a healthy balanced life


You have often given more of yourself to others than you should


You know that it is time for change and are searching for a more spiritual connection to your life


You have done a lot of work on yourself the traditional way and it is time to begin your path of enlightenment taking your being to the next level


This is the time to discover your wisdom reconnecting your mind, body, and soul to find your authentic self!


Connecting with Authenticity

There is something that we cannot deny!

For many centuries’ women have been made to fear their bodies and their connection to mother earth. Our ancestors, no matter which culture you come from, would have celebrated the knowledge, raised the children, kept the health of the people, and been admired for her ability to have strength in multiple areas within her life.


As the Patriarchy seeped through our world women began to fear their gifts and even despise their bodies. Women became property of men and in our current world are still seen as objects of desire more than equal beings on this planet.


Don’t fret there is change happening!


Many women are questioning their purpose and are in a place of transition within their lives. As the shift is taking place women are questioning their careers, their family values, and their place in the world.

Does this speak to you?



When you look at your life you may have everything you wanted and yet it all just seems out of synch!

It is true that you are questioning the fundamentals surrounding your life and purpose

You do feel a shift in your life and feel the fear as you are unsure of where to begin

Without a doubt you do not want to be the victim of circumstance any longer and want to take control of your life.


So, now what?

Well I don’t know about you however; I am sure glad the universe has brought us together!


It took me a fair while to step into my life purpose as I too had to work through all of those limiting thoughts; I’m not good enough, this is not for me, who do I think I am, what about your secure teaching job?


I mean truly the thought process goes on!

Sarah Tricker Alchemy Academy

It has taken me many years to get my Academy where it is today!

In 2007 my family took a leap of faith and we moved from Sussex in England to Alberta Canada.

When we arrived, I embarked on a journey of five years at university to gain my Bachelor of Art and Science and my Bachelor of Education. I taught in the public education system for four years as a high school social studies teacher and it nearly crucified me!

In 2016 just one year after starting my Tarot Business, Tricker Tarot, I left my secure job and threw my whole being into my business.

In 2019 I had a 3900 square foot building that was home to my Metaphysical Centre. This includes a Witches Store and an Academy which is online as well as in person.

In 2020 that dream shifted again and I moved out of the Metaphysical Centre and have brought my business back home. Creating an intimate setting for my small mentorship programs with the vision of having an online community of world-wide learners!

Today both my husband and I live a life of sobriety, no alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs and I work out three times a week. We do our best to eat a balanced diet with as much organic as we can source here in southern Alberta.

This has been part of my spiritual journey of enlightenment where I could not do my work as a healer whilst consuming these kinds of drugs. I felt out of integrity with my work!

Has this journey bee easy?


Well what have I learnt?

Let me show you……

What does the program include?

Nine Levels of Consciousness

This element of the program may turn upside down some of your core belief systems, in a good way. We are all aware that we are vibrational beings and depending on our vibration depends what we have available as resources in our world. This is not just about abundance in money!
You will gain an understanding of how we are connected from the Earth all the way to the Divine Mind. With an increased connection as the course progresses you will experience a clarity in your world that you may have never experienced before!

Nine Chakras

Most people are aware of the seven-chakra system and yet there are so many more that is connected to the human. As you work through the nine levels of consciousness you will also activate each of the nine chakras beginning at the Earth Star ending at the Soul Star.
With each chakra you will receive a gemstone which you will use and be guided through an activation meditation. Accompanying will be a ritual that you can do at home to help you release anything that is blocking the chakras.

Yogic Practices

Yoga is an ancient form of healing used by Indians for many centuries and is a powerful tool to help yourself heal. With the guidance of a personal friend, who is a gifted Yoga Instructor, carefully selected yogic practices will be taught with each of the levels of consciousness and chakras to help you connect with your mind, body, and soul.

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Training to Master/Teacher Level

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing system that uses energy to heal yourself and others. Reiki changed my life and it will change yours too! Learn to heal yourself at a deeper level and then use that to heal others.
As you work to the higher levels of consciousness you will progressively learn all the skills of Reiki. This is primarily as a healing tool for yourself however you will find that it will have a ripple affect over your whole life.
At the end of this program you will be a certified Reiki Master and will be able to pass the gift of Reiki to others if you wish to do so.
There are four separate full day workshops to learn the gift of Reiki. To fully embrace the power of Reiki you will also receive Reiju every breakthrough session before your meditation to slowly and gradually attune you fully to the Ki energy of Reiki of the Master.

One on One Life Coaching

This is the most important part of this whole program. Hey, you can learn all the skills needed to align mind, body, and soul anywhere however, if you have not broken through those old paradigms you will not become as successful as you can be.
As you work through the program you will work one on one with Sarah as she helps you create resilience and new behaviours that will help you create a life of success!
Sarah Tricker is a certified life coach through the Certified Coaches Federation. Throughout your sessions she will not only use her coaching skills, you will also benefit from the life skills she has gained and with her education and the commitment to being a life long learner.
Sarah Tricker is not a psychologist or a councillor. The Life Coaching Program is aimed for women who have already done their work with their demons and perhaps addictions. Life Coaching is to help elevate you to the next level creating a plan and resilience breaking the barriers that have held you back!

Group Breakthrough Sessions!

One of the biggest missions I have had starting my Metaphysical Centre and Academy is to create a community of healers. One of the aspects of the patriarchy was the separation of women. There is nothing more powerful than a group of women who hold space for one another and join forces to heal together.

You will undoubtedly make friends for life with the other women you walk this journey with! You will truly see that you are not alone and will gain strength you didn’t know existed.

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Soul Searching Women Mentorship Program


I want you to know that when you start this journey with me that I am here to support 100% of the way!


I want you to be successful and I will help you shine the light that has always been inside of you bright!

Your Investment

One Time Payment


(gst included)

All mentorships programs come with a 14 day money back guarantee!

For what type of women are your programs NOT going to work?

Please know that I am very selective in who I work with! There is a process in place so that people who are not suited to my programs are gently turned away. The Soul Searching Women program does not suit everybody and it is not fair for me to take the money from someone who will not get the results they have signed up for.


The Soul Searching Women is NOT for women who are;


In financial crisis, who have no money, and are financially desperate. If you are worried about paying next month’s bills or putting food on your table it is almost impossible to commit to the required work expected of you.


Does not see the value of investing money into herself. Generally most women place themselves at the bottom of the list and this is going to bring up resistance. It is hard for women in this space to trust the process and recommendations that are given.


Is currently using drugs and/or alcohol. Please take an honest look at how you are using substance within your life! Spiritual journeys are often hard as you have to delve into the shadow side. I am NOT a counselor, therapist, or psychologist and as a recovering codependent living with a recovering alcoholic it is not appropriate for an addict of any kind to be in this program.

Please note: if you have and/or are seeing a professional therapist for addiction or trauma and have done the work so you are on top of these, and your practitioner now thinks you are stable and in a place to work on your spiritual side, there is no reason not to join the program.


Are looking for a one fix pill. There is no one fix pill! The journey to enlightenment takes work and commitment and you will get out what you put in. There is a reason this program is for one full year!


A victim of circumstance. Nothing is your fault and everything around you is someone else’s fault; the government, you partner, your kids, your job, your parents, the neighbor and their cat. You get the picture. For those women who cannot take responsibility for themselves and their actions in their own life this program is definitely not for you as you are responsible for your own life and the choices and decisions you make!


If you fall within any of these categories it’s absolutely OK! Most women have been at these places at times. I totally trust that you have found me for a reason and it may be that the time is not right now. Do yourself three favours;


1. Get your finances tidied up. Deal with the gremlins that keep you awake at night. If you truly believe this program is for you there is a way for you to pay. Get a part time job, sell unwanted items, and begin saving a small amount each month. Be creative!


2. Get help for your addictions and/or trauma. Even if you have done this before and it didn’t work this time may be the time. You are worthy of a life of sobriety to become the best version of yourself. You are worthy of living fully even after experiencing trauma. Take back your power and live!


3. Sign up to my Facebook group and begin the process of making changes in your life daily and surrounding yourself with people who are on the same journey.


Doing these three things will really help you get primed and ready for our work. When you’re ready, call me and we’ll get you started. I am in no rush and will be here when you need me. Hey one other thing! Personalities I won’t work well with, without exception, is the whiner or the chronic skeptic, the women who constantly make excuses for not doing the work, and for those who challenge the program. If you are one of these people, I gently and respectfully ask that you do not call and I hope you understand why. We just won’t work well together and I don’t want you to waste your time or your money!

Relaunch Coming 2021!

Follow us on Facebook for updates.

So, do you want to join me?


You can be a part of the change that is happening right now and be a positive influence in our world by connecting with your true authentic self!


Let’s walk this path together!

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