Have you struggled over the years to create a healthy balanced life? Have you found yourself giving more than you should for the benefit of others? When you look around do you feel as if nothing is right and life is out of synch?  Are you questioning the fundamentals surrounding life and your purpose?

This year long program has been designed for those who need to heal their bodies. With the use of Reiki, the nine levels of consciousness, and the nine chakras you will align your mind, body, and spirit to create balance.

Soul Searching Women

What does the Soul Searching Women Program include?

  • Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Training to Master/Teacher Level
    • Certified to teach Reiki
  • Nine Dimension and Chakra Activation
    • Connect Mind, Body, & Spirit
  • One on One Life Coaching

Break through the paradigms that are holding you back!

This course is open to six amazing women who wish to heal themselves and are looking for support and guidance.

The course is open twice yearly; April Saturday workshops & October Fridays!

Want to find out if this is a for you? Book a Discovery Session today!


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