Are you ready to ignite incredible growth within your life?


Spiritual Empowerment Coaching goes deeper than the mundane!


Together we will delve into the hidden connections between you and the universe.


Only then will you be able to make the breakthroughs you have been searching for!

Spiritual coaching is more than just life coaching!

Beyond just focusing on tangible goals

Outside the traditional coaching relationship

Develops greater connections to your higher power

A journey to find your own sense of wholeness

Unleashes self-trust, confidence, and compassion

Why appoint a Spiritual Empowerment Coach?


When Sarah obtained her Life Coaching Certification in 2017 she was excited to be that person who guided others through specific areas within their life. One of her skills was being able to see into the unseen and help her client’s breakthrough barriers that had been holding them back. Time and time again she saw how her clients became resilient through their commitment to change.


Over the next few years Sarah coached many women and her coaching style really began to shift and adapt. It is obvious that her gift of not only being an educator also her ability to use other tools such as the Tarot, mediumship, and Reiki all started to infiltrate her coaching sessions. It wasn’t really important for people in her sessions to be setting big goals when they had to start with making their life whole first!


Many women find themselves in transition in their lives and often feel like they are defined by the roles they fulfil. How can you set goals for the future if you are not even sure of who you are right of this moment?


This is the transformation from life coach to Spiritual Empowerment Coach! Through the use of all of her skills Sarah will take you on your own journey of transformation and change and help you see who you are before deciding what steps you should take. When you see you’re authentic self it is easier to break through the limiting beliefs, finally allowing you to move forward!

Hey There!

At Sarah Tricker Alchemy we know that there is a reason that you have joined us here today and we bet it is because of one of the following;

Are you searching for your life purpose?

Is something yearning inside you looking for an out of the box solution?

Do you dream of living a life of peace & serenity?

Are you standing at a crossroads unsure of which way to turn?

Have you found yourself repeating the same patterns over and over and cannot quite understand why?

As a woman have you often given more of yourself to others in your life?

Would you like to reinvent yourself?

When you think about doing things for yourself do you feel a sense of guilt?

It is important to know that the Spiritual Empowerment Coach you seek has been on their own spiritual journey and that they can confidently guide you using the skills they have themselves picked up along the way. 

What does Sarah Tricker have to offer?

I am a life-long learner

How does that benefit you? I have a love for finding knowledge and I always endeavour to improve myself. In my search for knowledge there are so many different tools I have gathered over the years to improve myself. I have an education & social science degree. The areas I studied included history, sociology, and psychology. My hunger for knowledge has also taken me into horticulture and the healing arts such as Reiki in which I am a master. Also, the path of learning my craft which has taken me on an historical path finding my ancestry. That improvement of myself led me to personal development where I, in my opinion, made huge shifts in my life. Life coaching was the piece that has brought all my knowledge together. This has given me the skills to help others who want to empower their lives making the changes they so desperately want!


My Gift

I am a spiritual reader, healer, & teacher which I believe gives me an added layer of depth to help you align your mind, body, and soul. My gift is generational within the female side of the family. As High Priestess of the Locrina Coven, established 2019, I see the magic in the mundane bringing a versatile tool bag to the table. When I went through a self-development program the part that was missing for me was the spiritual aspect. I will weave this throughout your Spiritual Empowerment Coaching sessions which adds a deeper more connected layer to your journey.


Being an Entrepreneur

I made the bold decision in June 2016 to leave my teaching profession and create my own infrastructure! This has given me a wealth of knowledge in both a government structured environment and in the process of building my own business. This hands-on experience has allowed me to work through some of the biggest hurdles within my own life. I come from a non-judgmental standpoint and can help you reinvent yourself with support teaching you the new tools you’ve been searching for! I can help you dream bigger than you thought was ever possible!


I’m Creating a Community

Throughout my journey so far, my purpose has become very clear in that I am impacting women’s lives by helping them to become empowered within their life, whatever that looks like for each individual. I believe there should be a community of women who love, care, and support each other to grow to their highest potential. This community begins with you and your commitment to grow to be the very best you can for yourself and your family!


A life of Sobriety

Our family has worked through many things together, not all of them have been easy. Alcohol addiction was one of them. When my husband stood up to his addiction, I also had to stand up to my codependent behaviours and take responsibility for the role I had played throughout the years. We can only ever work on ourselves and as a part of my enlightenment journey I too live a life of sobriety. I cherish my body doing my best to nourish it with good food, exercise, and knowledge.

I share this with you today because if you are currently going through addictions, I am here to tell you there is hope and there are people who are out there who can help. I am here to help women who are ready to move to the next level in their life and have already completed their work from their past traumas, addictions, and have healed using professionals where necessary.

Certified Coaches Federation

The Certified Coaches Federation has trained and certified more than 8,000 Life Coaches and Executive Coaches since 2006 and is now considered one of the Best Life Coach Training & Certification Programs in the world!


* Voted Best Life Coach Training Course 3 years in a row!

* No other Coach Certification and Training Program has been endorsed by more Life Coaches & Executive Coaches than the Certified Coaches Federation!


Sarah gained her Life Coach Certification through the Certified Coaches Federation in 2017 which gives her the tools to help you achieve the next level in your life. There is a standardized process which some other coaching companies may have missing from their certifications. Many of the most successful people within our world have had a life coach beside their side. Life coaches have life coaches!

Your Investment

Spiritual Exploration Session

One Hour
$124 (+ gst)

Spiritual Exploration Session

One & Half Hours $186 (+ gst)

Spiritual Exploration Session

Two Hours
$248 (+ gst)

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You are ready for change!
Don’t hesitate!

You know where your resistance lies and are seeking help to break the pattern.

You want to commit to a year of change!

You want to work at a deeper level and break the patterns for once and all.

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