Are you just so tired of doing the same things in your life always getting the same results? You may be looking for a creative approach to solve issues that you are experiencing. It is becoming clear that some out of the box thinking is needed. All you desire in your life is some stability and security. You truly believe there must be a way. Spiritual energy healing of Reiki & Ancestral healing can align the mind, body, and soul as one.

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There is still some uncertainty attached to Alternative Holistic healing yet it has been around for many more centuries than we may know!

You are in search of an intuitive healer

You want both spiritual and emotional healing

You have tried all the traditional ways of healing

You want to heal at a deeper level to remove old patterns

You believe your body will heal when the spirit is healed

Healing is a journey!

It is true if you speak to most healers they have been on their own healing journey. We actually believe this is very important and you gain all the knowledge that often people have taken years to gather. Imagine not having to go through all the lessons and be given the tools to finish your own journey in the half the time.


When you work with Sarah this is what you receive. She has been on many healing journeys throughout her life. When she was a teenager she contracted Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) which debilitated her for a year and the recovery was longer. She missed some of the most formative years of high school. With the support of her family Sarah recovered and passed all of her G.C.S.E’s ready to start her life.


Whilst in college she had her first child at the age of 19 and had given birth to her second just before her 21st birthday, needless to say she didn’t celebrate as her friends were at that time! Her and her husband were young parents and struggled to be the best parents they could when in reality they were still growing in themselves. In this period of time Sarah experienced an ectopic pregnancy which if she had not been in hospital when the fallopian tube ruptured would have taken her life. On top of this trauma they experienced another miscarriage only a few years later.


In 2007 her and her small family packed up their belongings and moved from England to Canada to make a new life. Sarah went to the University of Lethbridge and gained her Education Degree and a degree in Arts & Science. Sarah’s husband was adjusting to the new expectations of long haul truck driving while she was studying. It was a tough time for the whole family.


All along life tribulations together Sarah and her husband have worked through the toughest ~ addiction! Sarah is a recovering codependent and her husband is a recovering alcoholic. The journey has not always been easy however, all through their healing journey they have fought to stay together!


Only a few years of teaching Sarah knew it was not her life’s purpose and made the bold decision to become an entrepreneur. Her hubby also made a huge career change the same year and left trucking to go into sales. Wow, doing these massive shifts in the same year creating a lot of financial strain. With perseverance and love they got through.


Their two children, now both adults, have flown the coup and are building their own lives. This left another period of adjusting for both Sarah and her hubby learning new ways to live their lives together. In the middle of renovating their 1906 home came the pandemic. They know though that the universe always provides what they need when they need it!


Sarah has used all of the experiences that she has gone through in her life to bring both spiritual and emotional healing to those she works with.

What will you gain?

You will receive a whole body healing care

You will receive personal attention to wellness

You will experience emotional support

You will experience guidance on your spiritual wellbeing

Here are Sarah Tricker Alchemy we pride ourselves on providing you with the tools to help you take control of your spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing!



I am ready!

Reiki Master/Teacher

Sarah Tricker is trained as Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master and has been attuned in all levels of Usui Reiki. Sarah felt drawn to Reiki and it became the next step in creating a very powerful healing for her clients.


Reiki energy can never cause harm and only good. This ancient form of Japanese healing is always given with love. There is no right or wrong way to receive Reiki healing as the universal energy will always go directly where it is needed. The benefits of Reiki have been known to speed up the healing process, is used as a pain management for patients, and also as a self care routine for relaxation.


As with any type of healing it is unlikely one session will cure all. Healing is a process which you have to commit to as well. These sessions are all about you though and there is no pressure and you are always encouraged to do what you feel comfortable with. You are the master of your own healing and Sarah is here to assist you in whichever way she can. Sarah can guide you through her gifts as a medium, healer, and Reiki Master.

Reiki Healing Sessions ~ What’s Included?

Healing is something that needs to take into consideration the mind, body, and soul. Many times, we receive treatment for the symptoms of dis-ease and disconnect of the body and mind. Reiki spiritual healing incorporated many different things such as; chakra healing, intuitive energy healing, and spiritual energy healing. You do not have to be physically with Sarah when she is performing a healing as it is energy and you can receive distance Reiki and enjoy the same benefits as in person.

The spiritual healing that Sarah Tricker Alchemy offers is used to align you. Over the sessions you will feel a sense of calm and relaxation which for most of us is the one thing that can be missing from our busy lives. When the body is at ease it can heal itself at a much faster pace.

Akashik Healing

As you assess your life so far have you found yourself in a predicament where no matter who you are with, the place you live, or the job you are in, you always find yourself back at square one?

Do you hold some great fears which are debilitating you in your life right here and now?

Often when you have these patterns that are reoccurring it suggests that you have brought trauma with you from previous lives which you have lived.

This subject has been something that Sarah has been very interested in for a while now. On her journey accepting her gift as a medium & healer Sarah discovered how one of her previous lives had affected everything she had done within her life. This stemmed right from childhood through to adulthood up until that point of discovery. Now she has faced and dealt with what happened in a life she once lived. The healing has helped her recognize and change how she reacts in certain situations today. Sarah wanted to help others experience this too!

Spirit Doctor

Sarah has been gifted with a very powerful Doctor who helps her when she completes healing sessions. The healing she does has been gifted to her from spirit and has been handed down through her mother and her teacher from England.

You will lay comfortably whilst Sarah uses her hands and glides around your body within your aura. As she does this she will take that negative energy from your body sending healing energies to you in return. This is in no way painful for you and you should leave feeling relaxed and comfortable. We will assess where you are spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.


When you come for healing with Sarah she will use whatever modality she feels is right for you and the path of healing you are on. This may be Reiki, chakra clearing, or the use of her traditional healing as a High Priestess. At times this can be a combination of all modalities. Sarah believe this sets her apart from other healers as all her gifts are drawn together to help you in the best possible way.

Sarah has worked with her spirit guide and Doctor to create an ancestral healing that will benefit all who come to her. Sarah will access the Akashik records and ask for the life in which you have brought burdens into this life. The first session includes the use of the Tarot as a visual to help you understand the cycle, the fear, and the positive that comes from your past life.


The follow up sessions are healing sessions. You will have an opportunity to discuss your experiences and together with Sarah, her guidance and healing you will move away from these patterns. You yourself will know when your healing is complete.

I am ready!

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Akashik Rewriting Session

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Spiritual Guidance Session

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Akashik Rewriting Session

Would you like to access Akashik Records healing past life trauma?

Important Information!

You should never replace Alternative Holistic Healing for conventional medical treatments.

Sarah Tricker is not a Doctor and does not claim that she can heal any ailments over other treatments you are currently receiving under your physician.

Sarah Tricker is healing energetically and spiritually which should always be done in conjunction with your regular medical treatments.

Always consult your physician before seeking alternative treatments and/or changing your approach to healing.

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