Are you at a standstill or crossroads within your life? Are you experiencing that feeling of almost a thick fog that is engulfing you and you are unable to see which way to turn? There may be a big decision you need to make and to be honest you are petrified to make the wrong decision! Did you know that change and transformation often occurs in silence?

At Sarah Tricker Alchemy I am a Medium & Tarot Reader which I believe adds another dimension to my services. When you are out of alignment I am able to find beauty in the strange, unseen, and explainable! Through the use of the cards or message from spirit I will guide you helping you see the fragmented into a whole once again.

Spiritual Readings

Tarot Reading

What is the benefit of an in-person tarot reading?
The benefit is that I will be able to ask you any clarifying questions so that the reading is more fluid as well you may ask questions too gaining full understanding of your reading. The cards are a story of your life unfolding before your eyes. It also gives us an opportunity to interact with one another relieving any worries you may have about your reading.
If you are unable to come to my metaphysical centre we may also do phone readings.

Your Investment

Per Hour $124 plus gst

Mediumship Readings

Have you lost a loved one in your life? This person may have been your go to person when you needed advice. You may have lost someone unexpectedly and there are things that have been left unsaid. Their death may have left you with questions of WHY? I have been gifted with the ability to bring together the inner and outer worlds and with every interaction with spirit you are provided with an opportunity to experience a meaningful and magical reading.
I am originally from England where I was surrounded in the old ways. I am fourth generation  practicing medium as far back as we have knowledge within our family – or for those who admitted it anyway! I received a message from my great-great Nan who informed us that the gift has been within the female side since the time of the witches in the 1500’s. So you can see why many women in our family kept it a secret through fear of persecution! I am lucky to be able to be who I am openly today!
My whole life has been surrounded by spirit but it has taken me a long time to accept my life purpose. I am fully committed to passing on the messages that I am given from my spirit guide. I believe that we all cross paths for a purpose so if you are reading this you have already opened yourself up for a message from your loved ones who have passed.
I am here to help spirit show those who are still on the earth plane that there is nothing to fear in death. Your loved ones are always with you and wish the best for you. They do not wish you to stop living your life once they have passed – but do understand why it is hard to carry on. I am here to help you understand and connect you with those who have messages for you.

Your Investment

Per Hour $135 plus gst
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Tarot Combined Session

Are you having trouble deciding between Tarot and Mediumship?
Are you drawn to both?
You can also have a combined session where you get the best of both worlds

Your Investment

Per Session $197 plus gst

Tarot Basics

Would you like to learn to read Tarot? Would you like to be able to use your Tarot Cards with Confidence? Tarot Basics is an introductory online course to teach you just that!
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