The first step to totally Transform your life is to take a leap of faith. There are no unexplained twists of fate, for you were brought here today because you had already put out into the universe that you were tired of things being the way they have always been! That the time was now to make change!

Hey there!

If you know me or you have looked at what I do you’ll know that I’m able to see the unseen and often have the canny ability to just know things. I bet you are here because of one or even all of the following;

You have experienced the breaking point in your life!

Where you stand right now you are sure there is no going back to how it was or how things used to be!

Something has shifted and everything you knew is no longer the way you once saw it!

You are struggling to be around people as all of a sudden they feel fake!

You have begun to question everything in your life!

Let’s be honest here there is no one on earth that really enjoys change. As humans we are creatures of habit and we like routine, to know what’s coming, and when it’s coming. However, if we are completely honest about it no one ever really has that type of security.


In today’s world not many people really have the luxury of a secure job or guaranteed anything. We have been led down a path that makes us feel we have security. Go to school, get an education, get a career, get married, have kids, buy a house, retire, and die! That’s the story we have been fed all our lives.


You are at this moment in time beginning to wake up to this new reality and you are filled with fear. No-one around you seems to know what you are talking about or how to help you, in fact, people probably think you have gone a little crazy!


You have NOT!

Let me share a little secret……



You have way more control of your own life than you think right now!


It’s true!




How? Let me show you!

Sometimes all we need is for someone to take our hand and guide us so we can find our own path! This is what we do here at Sarah Tricker Alchemy Academy. We don’t really like to tell you what to do rather show you different ways to do things.


Think about your investment with us as purchasing a tool bag which you will be able to draw upon many times. You will have so many tools you’re never be short.

Sarah Tricker Alchemy’s

Historical Video Archive Unlocked!



Even in today’s fast moving paced world of digital imagery we here at Sarah Tricker Alchemy Academy find that we have large collections of content that have been created, launched, consumed, and already forgotten!


As our gift to you we wanted to unlock this historical video archive to help you on the current journey you are faced with right at this moment in time.

What will you gain?

You will no longer be the victim of circumstance!

You will take control of your own life!

You will stand on your own two feet!

You will gain financial security!

You will be able to dream of the future & know how to get there!

What’s Included?

48 Life Coaching videos (equivalent to 4 per month for 1 FULL year!)

Printable Workbooks to keep you on track!

960 minutes approximately of teaching!

Work at your own pace!

Life-time access!

How much do I have to invest???????


This Membership content was valued at over $948!


But Wait……


At Transformation Academy we have never wanted to push people away from their search for knowledge due to their current family or financial situations. It is true that you found us right here and right now.


An Added Bonus….

Unlocked Historical Archived Videos for you to learn and grow at the amazing deal of the century…

Name Your Price!


No really, you pay what you think the course is worth or what you can afford today ~ we will not be offended!


Upon your investment you will gain admission to the online classroom where you will have access for life, as there are absolutely no time limits!


There is NO time like NOW!

Transformation Academy

I'm ready to make the changes I desire in my life!
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