Witch Seekers Passage

Are you curious about Witches and the craft?

Do you want to find the real truths around Witches?

Is it time to connect with the Goddess in you?

This year long program has been created to guide you through the basics that you need to cast magic safely. You will be surrounded with like minded women on a journey that will change your life forever. With the connection to the Goddess in you and a little magic you will have full control of not only your gifts also your power.

What does the program include?

  • Three levels of Tarot
  • Rituals on the Eight Sabbats
  • Akelarre (Witches meeting) filled with practical learning
  • A complete tool kit for all your magical needs

For those who are ready at the end of the Witch Seekers Passage you will be invited into the Lacrina Coven by High Priestess Locrina (Sarah Tricker) to continue your journey into High Magic.

This program opens only once a year to begin in October.


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