Women Healers Energized In Business


Let me take a guess at how synchronicity brought you here…..
  • You are drawn to helping others!
  • The connection with spirit and the other worlds always fascinated you.
  • You have the uncanny ability to see solutions for others easily?
  • Thinking about your life journey you have been through many twists and turns that have often been painful and at time treacherous.
  • You in search of the guidance to help you discover your gifts.
  • Is your biggest desire to live a life of service helping others heal? 
When you look around it seems that there are so many powerful women that are helping others breakthrough in their life and you want to share your caring and healing ability for the good of human kind.

Do you want create a profitable business living your life purpose and passion?

Energies Shifting Worldwide!

Here is some good news!

Your intuition is serving you well as you are drawn to help others. We are in a massive shift in our world and the patriarchal system that has been in place for many years is beginning break down!
The energies in our world are changing with the roles of all humans in our world. Women once again are being drawn to begin the healing process of not only the Earth but all its inhabitants too!

Do you want to be a part of the change?

You have a yearning to do this work and yet you have those niggling voices and feelings in the back of your mind…..

  • It is true that you have been or are still on a healing journey of the self and your body.
  • More often than not you have found yourself giving more than you should for the benefit of others.
  • You feel the emotions and pain of others around you.
  • You might often question if you truly have a gift and ponder what it is!
Who do you think you are to actually think that you can do this? 
This is a feeling that a lot of women experience as they chose to step into their power and become the healer they truly want to be!

Energies Shifting Worldwide!

Here is some good news!

Your intuition is serving you well as you are drawn to help others. We are in a massive shift in our world and the patriarchal system that has been in place for many years is beginning break down!
The energies in our world are changing with the roles of all humans in our world. Women once again are being drawn to begin the healing process of not only the Earth but all its inhabitants too!

Well I’m glad the universe has brought us together! It took me a fair while to step into my life purpose as I too had to work through all of those limiting thoughts; I’m not good enough, this is not for me, who do I think I am, what about your secure teaching job? I mean truly the thought process goes on!

Sarah Tricker Alchemy Academy

It has taken me many years to get my Academy where it is today!
In 2007 my family took a leap of faith and we moved from Sussex in England to Alberta Canada.
When we arrived, I embarked on a journey of five years at university to gain my B. of Art and Science and my B. of Education. I taught in the public education system for four years as a high school social studies teacher and it nearly crucified me!
In 2016 just one year after starting my Tarot Business, Tricker Tarot, I left my secure job and threw my whole being into my business.
Now in 2019 I have a 3900 square foot building that is home to my Metaphysical Centre. This includes two amazing staff one is my in-house reader and healer, a Witches Store, and an Academy which is online as well as in person.
Has this journey been easy?
Well what have I learnt?
let me show you……


What does the program include?

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Training to Master/Teacher Level

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing system that uses energy to heal yourself and others. Reiki changed my life and it will change yours too! Learn to heal yourself at a deeper level and then use that to heal others. At the end of this program you will be a certified Reiki Master and will be able to pass the gift of Reiki to others.

Advanced Tarot Training

The Tarot is also an ancient system that has been used across Europe and then the world. The Tarot is perfect for getting deep into the subconscious and often opens not only the reader also the client to possibilities they could not see before. At the end of the program you will be proficient in advanced Tarot techniques to read with confidence.

Mediumship Training

There is still a lot of misconception around the skill of being a medium. As a medium the person is a channel between this world and spirit world. There are so many benefits of being able to bridge the worlds. Not only do we have guidance from our own guides we can help others in their life too. At the end of this program you will be able to read for others with confidence and have the ability to circumnavigate any potential situation connection with spirit may bring such as cleansing and helping spirit pass over.

Business Coaching

This may be one of the most important parts of this program! You will receive business coaching so that you do not have to scramble your way through to success. You will learn from not only my mistakes also my successes so that you have all the tools it took me four years to gather into just one year! At the end you will be able to successfully start and implement your business with a clear plan and steps!

One on One Life Coaching

This is the most important part of this whole program. Hey, you can learn to start a business anywhere however, if you have not broken through those old paradigms you will not become as successful as you can be. As we work through the program you will work one on one with Sarah as she helps you create resilience and new behaviours that will help you create a life of success!

Group Breakthrough Sessions!

One of the biggest missions I have had starting my Metaphysical Centre and Academy is to create a community of healers. When I first started reading, I didn’t always receive favourable feelings from other people in the community. I believe there is so many people that need healing in the world that we should join together and support one another. You will start this process within your class and then spread the love when you are a business owner!

I want you to know that when you start this journey with me that I am here to support 100% of the way!

I want you to be successful and I will help you shine the light that has always been inside of you bright!

So, do you want to join me? You can be a part of the change that is happening right now and be a positive influence in our world!

Let’s walk this path together!


Brenda Sutherland

For me the biggest change was personal growth. Sarah’s class was very helpful to help me heal parts of myself that were preventing myself from manifesting what I wanted and deserved. Now I do this so fluently knowing I deserve it all. 

Also, certification in all areas makes me ready, willing, and able to give back. I will always be grateful for my year with Sarah and the girls in my class. 

I am finally complete, whole, and worthy of my best life.

Thank You! Brenda

Jennifer Morrison

If I was to describe my experience in the Women’s Healers Energized in Business program in one sentence, I would say it is a year-long program that changed the way I see myself and how I strive to interact with the world. 

I would recommend this program to any woman who is looking for support and inspiration as you build a business in healing. 

Not only did this program help to create a strong foundation for my unique business, Sarah’s guidance also helped me learn how to tune into my mind, body, and soul. 

I chose to work with Sarah because of her insightful guidance, something that has helped me to push past boundaries and see solutions so in tune with my needs. I’m grateful for Sarah’s knowledge and experience and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher! 

I would recommend Sarah Tricker Academy for anyone wanting to learn and grow in a supported, trusting and fun, environment.

– Jen 

Charis Yasinski

“When I started my journey with Sarah for the Women Healers Energized in Business I was in a different frame of mind and spirit. I was emotionally unstable. Someone could say something, maybe jokingly and it would upset me for days. I would take it personally and dwell on it and internalize it. Sarah has taught me how to change that habit, change my mindset and I learnt how to not let others words affect me.

I have learnt how to live for today, plan for the future and embrace my past. Not to forget my past but to let go of any past issues and traumas that were still affecting me presently. 

My biggest lesson I learnt was how to truly love every little thing about myself as a whole: mind, body and soul. And for this I am forever grateful. 

I chose Sarah because she a wonderful teacher whom can show you things you might not have thought of or to see the other side of something that you did not think about. She does not judge and comes from love. I am blessed to have her as my mentor. 

Thank you Sarah!”

Lesa Thompson

Where I started was frustrated, confused and looking for guidance and answers. My biggest lesson was to calm my body and mind into ‘just being’ allowing the healing energy to do what is needed.

My vision for the future changed in a way of giving me a better understanding of my abilities, to change, adjust and trust in myself, that I have what it takes. To work at doing what I enjoy.

To have support through out the year kept me progressing. I was just drawn to Sarah for whatever reason. Things happen for a reason just trust it.

Well I would recommend Sarah if you’re wanting to be aware knowing that Sarah has the skills to guide and has a vast amount of knowledge and awareness, her inner strength is a magnet.

Dori Senneker

When I first started with Sarah in the Women Healers in Business course, I did not like myself very much. I felt stuck in a job that I did not love and I was feeling frustrated with the rut I was in. I had always had gifts but had spent most of my life ignoring them.  I have always felt separate from other people because I could feel other people’s energy. Through this course I have learned that I am an empath and I am a healer. Sarah’s course has taught me how to combine my gifts to create my own business using Reiki and Tarot. 

The biggest lesson I learned was that I am powerful and I am worthy of all of the things the Universe has to offer. My vision of the future went from being stuck in a job I didn’t like, to working for myself to create a life of abundance. The support that I received from Sarah during Life Coaching was at times challenging but ultimately forced me to recognize and accept all parts of myself. I learned how to recognize my strengths and my weaknesses and how I could use them to create a business that works for me.

I chose Sarah because her messages and readings online really resonated with me. I had always been interested in Spirituality and I felt her beliefs aligned with mine. I recommend the Sarah Tricker Alchemy Academy to anyone interested in learning these skills for themselves. Sarah is a wonderful teacher and really helped me to design my own path in life. 

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