Are you in search of the guidance to help you discover your gifts? Is your biggest desire to live a life of service helping others heal? Do you want create a profitable business living your life purpose and passion? This year long coaching program has been created through my experience leaving the public education system and creating my own business. I have done a lot of learning as I went and now submerged in success can help others discover their journey with less struggle!

Women Healers Energized In Business

What does this Year Long Journey include?

  • Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Training to Master/Teacher Level
    • Certified to teach Reiki
  • Advanced Tarot Training
    • Certified to read to the public
  • Mediumship Training
    • Certified to channel messages for the public
  • Business Coaching
    • Create a business and launch
  • One on One Life Coaching
    • break through the paradigms that are holding you back!
  • Group Breakthrough sessions!
    • Create community and support through the group together!

Want to find out if this is a for you? Book a Discovery Session today


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