The magical ability of the High Priestess comes from many years of study and practice. A true feminine power that is amerced in the subconscious energy force. Maiden, mother, and crone ~ her wisdom is available to guide through the passages of life.

I am ready!



This is not a time to be afraid! Trust that you are not crazy and that you are right where you need to be!

Your wedding planning is not traditional

You are in an important transition in your life!

You want a baby naming ceremony like no other!

You are looking for spiritual help that no other can provide!

You want to provide a safe passage of passing for a loved one!

Coming Together!

High Priestess Locrina (Sarah Tricker) has the ability to use her gift as a medium along with her wealth of magical knowledge to help you find a solution to the problems you are currently facing.

Sarah’s biggest gift is her ability to see into the unseen and help others disentangle the threads that have weaved them to the point they are in now.


When you discover the background of Sarah you will indeed see how she can bring many facets to your service and help you in ways perhaps you have never been helped before.


The gift she has, has been in her family for generations and passed down the familial side of her family. Sarah gained her Arts and Science and Education degree at the University of Lethbridge with a well-rounded study in areas of psychology, sociology, history, and Native studies. Sarah is also an experienced Tarot reader, Medium, Reiki Master as well as a third degree High Priestess.


It is not just her family gift and education which will help you find the answers you are seeking it’s also written in the stars! With her zodiac sign being a Scorpio her emotions run deep. Sarah will give you all that she has and always wishes to help others seek the answers they need.


There is a catch to all aspects of her being which is that you have to be ready to do the work for yourself. With the positive aspects of her archetypes being the guide, student, pioneer, visionary, and alchemist Sarah is more than willing to give you the tools that you need to succeed. But will not hold the responsibility for those who are looking for a free ride or the one fix pill. If you are truly ready to do what you need too to make changes you are in the right place!


Why get a High Priestess Descry?

This appointment is to help those who are experiencing things outside of their realm of knowledge when it comes to spiritual manifestations. Here are some examples of why you may wish to book an appointment with Sarah today but are never limited to;


Haunting from a spirit either in a home or from an object

Attachment of an entity to a person

A curse or hex placed upon you

An open portal

Uncontrolled astral travel

Protection amulets

Defence Magic


Every person has a unique issue that is based upon their life experience and also their life Karma.

I am ready!

What’s Included?

In your appointment there will be a period of discussion and introspection to find where the work needs to be done. You can expect to see the use of the Tarot or Mediumship. At times more work such as the Akashik records may be sourced.


Sarah will prepare any spells that may need to be cast for you. There is much strength in doing the work yourself. Your package will include all of the ingredients that you will require plus detailed instructions. Sarah will never cast on behalf of another person as she believes in the power of three, what you put out comes back to you threefold. You are given responsibility for the casting as only you have full disclosure of the situation that you are in.


NOTE: There may be additional cost for further work or guidance if the first session does not resolve the situation. You must understand that spell casting does not always create instant results and there is an element of patience involved. Your results will also vary depending on the issue being worked upon.

Other Services

In today’s Age of Aquarius many people are stepping away from organized Religion and moving back towards more earth based ways of knowing. As a High Priestess Sarah has the ability to create ceremonies for any of the big passages of life you may experience.


Are you looking for a unique celebration to honour your child’s name? Invite your family and friends to this Naming Ceremony to welcome your child into its life on the Earth Plane.

Handfasting Ritual

You want the special recognition of your union. This handfasting Ritual will bind your souls together with the attendance of friends and family to join your commitment together

Handparting Rituals

The dream you envisioned was not the reality that you experienced after handfasting. Join your family and friends in this handparting ritual to give thanks for the lessons learnt and sever the union.

Passing Over Ritual

A loved one has crossed into Summerland and you, your family, and friends wish to see their passing safely. This is also a celebration of all they brought to everyone’s life.

I am ready!

Who this is not for!

Please understand that these Rituals are embedded with centuries of Pagan culture. These are not for entertainment or as a party trick. If you do not live the Pagan lifestyle our services are not for you. If you are a non-believer in magic then you will not see the magic which happens during these Rituals and Ceremonies!

High Priestess Descry

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