What does the world hold for you?

Is it time for a change? Do you hold a dream and life just seems to get in the way? Does it seem impossible to get where you want to? Here at Sarah Tricker Alchemy I offer a unique holistic service including life coaching, spiritual reading and healing which will inspire the passion
to make things happen in your life!

I am grateful for your interest in finding out a little more about my purpose in life and how I can help guide you to the dreams you have been looking for. There are no coincidences as the universe brings spiritually opened minded people together. You may not see it now however, there are so many creative solutions for change, manifesting, and a willingness for transformation. I am unique in the way I help guide people on their path to wholeness through life coaching, spiritual readings, and healing. I am creative, authentic, and innovative allowing people to see the beauty in the unseen. Walk this journey with me and you will never look back!

Life Coaching

You are looking for change, tired of everything being as it has always been, you are ready to reinvent who you are & have no idea where to begin. There is something yearning inside of you. A feeling of disconnect with the spiritual inner world & the outer worlds. Why choose a life coach? The highest performers in society have a coach for support and encouragement. I will also create positive change showing you skills to get the things you desire!

Spiritual Readings

Are you in a space where honestly you are just unable to see the woods from the trees? It maybe that you are standing at a cross roads with no idea which way to turn. A loved one may have left your journey and there is a sense of loss without them. Spiritual readings, both mediumship & tarot, can make the fragmented whole once again allowing you to see opportunities where you think there are none!

In-Store Workshops

Knowledge is power! Are you always seeking ways in which to improve not only your life, those around you too? You understand that to make things happen you have to find new knowledge. Maybe even lately you have been off balance and you are not sure where to start. As an educator I see the power of knowledge and how inspiring new wisdom can be for those who seek and reflect on wisdom. Using the skills I learnt as a teacher I have created workshops both mini and complete to help you move on your journey to holding your dreams.

Spiritual Healing

It is difficult when you are open minded & look for creative approaches to your mind, body, & soul. This element may be missing from the more standard healing practices! Medicine alone only treats the symptoms. Add spiritual healing which can aid in getting to the cause of dis-ease. As a spiritual healer & Usui Reiki Master I offer a holistic healing combining all my modalities. Ancestral healing is also an alternative for shifting past life consequences!

Donate to the Sarah Tricker Alchemy Academy Scholarship Program.

Your donation will be used to support women who are working to create the best version of themselves who currently cannot afford to do so.

Soul Searching Women

This year long program has been designed for those who need to heal their bodies. With the use of Reiki, the nine levels of consciousness, and the nine chakras you will align your mind, body, and spirit to create balance.

New Hours!

Due to customer demand metaphysical center is now open
2 pm -7 pm Tuesday – Thursday
12 Noon -7 pm Friday & Saturday!

Gift Certificates

Sarah Tricker Alchemy also offers gift certificates if you would like to treat a friend or family member for a special occasion. These are available to be used on any service, workshop, or merchandise within the center!

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