We were all born with the ability to connect with our guides and through cultural, social, and at times religious belief most children learn not to talk about the messages and eventually block them all together!

I am ready!

Hey there!

What is always true is that when you are ready to connect with spirit they will guide right to the place you are supposed to be!


Have things been changing for you and all of a sudden you are connected in ways in which you have no control?


In this new century things in our world have begun to shift in ways which no one could have predicted! For many this does not just mean a shift in the systems that are surrounding their lives it may also mean a spiritual awakening.


As much as the media portrays a spiritual awakening as a journey of enlightenment it is not always a pleasant experience and when you all of a sudden become connected it can be hard to shut it off!

Sarah's Journey

It is true that the gift does run in the female side of Sarah’s family. Her mother trained in England as a medium and spent many years channeling spirit for crowds of people. As her mother remembers her mother and grandmother also had the gift. It is almost certain it goes back many generations however, these women did not live in the times we are currently in. If they spoke of their gift it was punishable and most women kept their gift secret, even from other family members.

As a child Sarah was often scared by her experiences with spirit and her mother says Sarah was about five years old when she shut spirit out completely.

It was not until 2016 when Sarah had left her teaching career as a high school social studies teacher that she began the path of learning to embrace the gift of having spirit in her life and embraced her psychic mediumship.

There was no turning back and life has never been the same!

What will you gain?


Create a connection with your spirit guide

Create boundaries being able to call and close the connection

Develop your mediumship skills

Understand levels, dimensions, & realms

Learn skills to handle any situation spirit could throw at you!

I am ready!

Mediumship Academy

The Mediumship Fundamentals course has been created from the experience Sarah had during her Mediumship Development circle and the journey of embracing spirit into her life. You will now be able to utilize this knowledge by learning mediumship online.


One thing is for sure once spirit know you can connect with them they like to draw close and bring people to you who will need your help.


Nothing is left to chance and when you finish this course you will have a tool bag of skills to draw upon; from giving a mediumship reading, a message of someone’s loved one who has passed, to helping spirit to cross to the other side!

Why would you not want to have the guidance of spirit within your life?

Mediumship Academy

About the Course

If you enjoy a classroom learning you will love the video conference style setting. This will enable you to learn from the comfort of your own home and still connect with the instructor Sarah, and the students who have invested in the course.


There is no need to take time off work, plan your journey there and back, and any of the others concerns that you may have when going to a class.

You will be surrounded with like-minded people world-wide!

What’s Included?

You will have access to a private student forum where you will be able to interact with fellow learners, the instructor, and keep up to date with Enlightenment Session registration and access recordings

A monthly Enlightenment Session with support and hands on practice of your mediumship skills

Upon completion become a Certified Medium through Sarah Tricker Alchemy Academy

Life time access to all of the modules, lessons, and meditations

Continued support from your mentor & instructor Sarah Tricker

Life-long friendships!

Learn at Your Own Pace!

Since 2020 many things have changed in our world and it has become clear that there needed to be some adaptation in how Sarah Tricker Alchemy Academy teaches individuals registered in her Academies.


Many women are currently working from home, are navigating their children studying online from home, and also still doing their everyday household responsibilities. It is clear that scheduled classes and workshops was becoming more difficult for students to manage.

What’s Changed?

Structured modules that you can work through at your own pace

Questions to aid you’re learning at the conclusion of each module

Guided meditations to support each module

Downloadable and printable PDF manual and question workbook

Access to private student forum

Monthly LIVE Enlightenment Sessions with instructor Sarah Tricker

Ability to view recording of LIVE sessions if unable to join

I am ready!

What people have to say!

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Your Investment

One Time Payment


(gst included)

For what type of women are your programs NOT going to work?

Please know that I am very selective in who I work with! There is a process in place so that people who are not suited to my programs are gently turned away. The Mediumship Academy program does not suit everybody and it is not fair for me to take the money from someone who will not get the results they have signed up for.


The Mediumship Academy is NOT for women who are;


In financial crisis, who have no money, and are financially desperate. If you are worried about paying next month’s bills or putting food on your table it is almost impossible to commit to the required work expected of you.


Does not see the value of investing money into herself. Generally most women place themselves at the bottom of the list and this is going to bring up resistance. It is hard for women in this space to trust the process and recommendations that are given.


Is currently using drugs and/or alcohol. Please take an honest look at how you are using substance within your life! Spiritual journeys are often hard as you have to delve into the shadow side. I am NOT a counselor, therapist, or psychologist and as a recovering codependent living with a recovering alcoholic it is not appropriate for an addict of any kind to be in this program.

Please note: if you have and/or are seeing a professional therapist for addiction or trauma and have done the work so you are on top of these, and your practitioner now thinks you are stable and in a place to work on your spiritual side, there is no reason not to join the program.


Are looking for a one fix pill. There is no one fix pill! The journey to enlightenment takes work and commitment and you will get out what you put in. There is a reason this program is for one full year!


A victim of circumstance. Nothing is your fault and everything around you is someone else’s fault; the government, you partner, your kids, your job, your parents, the neighbor and their cat. You get the picture. For those women who cannot take responsibility for themselves and their actions in their own life this program is definitely not for you as you are responsible for your own life and the choices and decisions you make!


If you fall within any of these categories it’s absolutely OK! Most women have been at these places at times. I totally trust that you have found me for a reason and it may be that the time is not right now. Do yourself three favours;


1. Get your finances tidied up. Deal with the gremlins that keep you awake at night. If you truly believe this program is for you there is a way for you to pay. Get a part time job, sell unwanted items, and begin saving a small amount each month. Be creative!


2. Get help for your addictions and/or trauma. Even if you have done this before and it didn’t work this time may be the time. You are worthy of a life of sobriety to become the best version of yourself. You are worthy of living fully even after experiencing trauma. Take back your power and live!


3. Sign up to my Facebook group and begin the process of making changes in your life daily and surrounding yourself with people who are on the same journey.


Doing these three things will really help you get primed and ready for our work. When you’re ready, call me and we’ll get you started. I am in no rush and will be here when you need me. Hey one other thing! Personalities I won’t work well with, without exception, is the whiner or the chronic skeptic, the women who constantly make excuses for not doing the work, and for those who challenge the program. If you are one of these people, I gently and respectfully ask that you do not call and I hope you understand why. We just won’t work well together and I don’t want you to waste your time or your money!

I am ready!

You are learning to trust Spirit and know that this is the journey for you to create a strong connection to becoming a Medium & bring spirit into your everyday life!

Mediumship Academy

I am ready to connect with my Spirit Guide with the support & guidance of a mentor!

Discovery Session

I would like to connect with Sarah Tricker to discuss the Mediumship Academy further.

Education Degree

When I moved to Canada I embarked on becoming a teacher, something I had wanted for a very long time, well since my children were born in the late 1990’s.
I worked very hard as we lived in a small town out of the city and at that time my children were only young. My husband was also a long haul truck driver so I was doing it all on my own through the week. I learnt how much I could push myself and my children saw what it was like for someone to strive for their goals!
I know it still seems strange to many people that after all that work I left teaching and all its benefits to start my own business. I can assure you though that it worked exactly as it was suppose too! I now have so many skills as a teacher from working in the system that make the classes I teach professional. I have combined all my knowledge and spiritual gift into something quite extraordinary!
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