Hearing another person’s experience can shape and also challenge the opinions that we hold on any given subject. The emotional response help us connect at a deeper level connecting our own life experience with those telling the story. With our imagination we can influence, teach, and inspire!




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Becoming a Writer

From a young age Sarah has always enjoyed writing. It began in infant school where she would copy story books into journals. As she grew older Sarah loved history and English classes. Her passion morphed into the dream of becoming a journalist. At high school she volunteered at the local press for about three years.

With the dream in mind as Sarah entered college she continued her path into becoming a journalist. There were special colleges that were available after graduation for journalism. As it was, life happened and by the end of college Sarah was pregnant with her first child and preparing for her wedding.


Becoming a wife and mother changed Sarah’s life dramatically and the course of her dream. The focus became to teach. Although it took nearly ten years to start the path, in 2008 she started at the Lethbridge College, taking courses to transfer to the University of Lethbridge for the Education Program.


Even in college and University Sarah really loved the writing aspect of each course she took. In fact, she would search out courses which were heavy on writing. We all have our strengths, why not capitalize on this?


Many of you know the rest of the story! Sarah graduated in 2013 as a Social Studies High School Teacher and taught for nearly four years. The reality didn’t quite match up to the dream. Sarah took the leap of entrepreneurship in 2016 and left her teaching career. The creative juices are now able to flow in so many areas from; course creation, through to blogs and articles.


The power of story has the ability to hit the reader in the heart. When they feel an emotional connection it empowers the reader to take action. Sarah uses storytelling as a way in which to persuade the reader that they too can take their power back! Her mission is to show women that they can get what they want instead of accepting what comes their way!

I want to read more!

Education Degree

When I moved to Canada I embarked on becoming a teacher, something I had wanted for a very long time, well since my children were born in the late 1990’s.
I worked very hard as we lived in a small town out of the city and at that time my children were only young. My husband was also a long haul truck driver so I was doing it all on my own through the week. I learnt how much I could push myself and my children saw what it was like for someone to strive for their goals!
I know it still seems strange to many people that after all that work I left teaching and all its benefits to start my own business. I can assure you though that it worked exactly as it was suppose too! I now have so many skills as a teacher from working in the system that make the classes I teach professional. I have combined all my knowledge and spiritual gift into something quite extraordinary!
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