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The human touch has been healing for as long as mankind has been alive. Opening yourself to receive and even become a channel of the universal healing energy of Reiki engulfs your life with an overwhelming feeling of love, balance, and peace!

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At Sarah Tricker Alchemy we work intuitively and we can guarantee you that you have been thinking and even seeing Reiki come up in your life for a while now. There is always synchronicity in the way that the universe works.

Are you having trouble to balance your life and especially your health?

You may have experienced that traditional Western medicines are not providing you with a holistic approach they you are desperately searching for.

Do you want to take control of your own healing and be able to help others heal?

Reiki is a powerful way of living that brings a wholeness within your life!

Client Testimonial

This is what one amazing Lady has to say about her experience with Reiki. Taylore had Reiki treatments and also completed one of the signature programs at Sarah Tricker Alchemy Academy ‘Soul Searching Women’ completing her Level III Master/Teacher training.


“We moved back to Fort Macleod when my husband decided to taper back on his business. We had felt more involved in a smaller community and liked the level of care we received at the local clinic. I had been diagnosed with heart problems, A-fib and an area of my heart had been damaged and not expected to ever recover.


To my delight we had a new store open in town called Tricker Tarot. I love taking classes and they offered a variety. My dad believed the only thing you take with you when leave this world is what you have learned along the way. I enrolled in some classes that I enjoyed very much.


The worry of my heart problems were always playing in the background. I decided to sign up for a course in Reiki not knowing how much it would change my life. I started using Reiki on myself every day. When we came to the part where we worked on others, classmates worked together on me, I felt a real shift and my heart did feel better. My A-fib improved and I became less scared. This year I had two MRI’s during a stress test. The damaged section didn’t even show up. It had healed.


In late September we went to the Tom Baker clinic. I felt good thinking this was a visit about a fibroid. Soon they shattered that belief. We were told they believed it was leiomyosarcoma. It was a good thing my husband was with me. Once they told me they thought it was Cancer my brain stopped working. I went for all the tests necessary for my upcoming surgery in early October. After returning home I wondered what my next move should be.


I decided to set up an appointment for a distance healing with Sarah Tricker. We set a time to do a distance psychic surgery. All this was happening during the Covid-19 outbreak. Sarah called me and proceeded to talk me through the session while I laid on my bed. We visualized the uterus and fibroid covered in a thick black tarry substance and a hard almond shaped lymph node it took quite a while to remove all sticky substance. I was feeling calmer and more centred after our session.


Closer to my surgery date we booked a second psychic surgery session. This time the substance was not as thick and sticky and much easier to remove, and the lymph node was softer. The whole session went well, leaving me more prepared for the upcoming surgery. Oct. 5th the surgery took place. Everything went well. I was told the fibroid had completely overwhelmed the uterus. The fibroid was more than twice the size of the uterus. Two and half weeks after the surgery the pathology reports were in. They found no Cancer cells in any of samples they tested, declaring me Cancer free.


I want to thank Sarah and Reiki for all the support and healing sent my way. You have changed my health!”

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing system. There are many ancient texts describing a healing system that was passed from teacher to student. Knowing the culture of Japan knowledge is passed in a specific order and at specific times after the adept has shown his commitment to his master. There is also great respect of the Elders and the knowledge they hold.


A man called Mikao Usui found these ancient text and discovered that there was a key element missing, the way to activate this healing system. After a 21 day quest at Mountain Kurama Usui was attuned to the first three symbols, what he later called Reiki. He now had the key to use this ancient healing system.


The original system that Usui has been changed and adapted over the years not only from himself also his successors Churjiro Hayashi and Hawayo Takata. More symbols were added and the system was broken into levels that could easily be taught. There has also been many changes making Reiki more accessible to the western world. Takata wanted to teach Reiki worldwide!

What will you gain?

At Sarah Tricker Alchemy we work intuitively and we can guarantee you that you have been thinking and even seeing Reiki come up in your life for a while now. There is always synchronicity in the way that the universe works.

The ability to understand what your body is telling you needs healing!

The ability to take control of your own healing journey!

The ability to heal others!

The ability to begin your own Reiki Practice!

Reiki Level I

In the first course Reiki Level I is to teach you the system of hands on healing. You will be guided to begin with looking at yourself, for we have to begin ourselves before we can truly heal others. In this workshop you will learn the history of Mikao Usui. Your knowledge will extend to how to utilize Reiki in everyday life, including the healing of yourself and others.

Reiki Level II

Reiki Level II really shifts the focus from the self to others. In this you will be attuned to the three Reiki symbols used. The first is Cho-Ku-Rei which is known as the power switch to strengthen your healing ability. Sei-He-Ki is used for emotional healing of the person. Ending with Hon-Sha-Ze-Sh-Nen which breaks down the barrier of time and place allowing you to send Reiki to whom and wherever you need. At Level II you may become a Reiki Practitioner starting your own Reiki Business.

Advanced Reiki Training

All courses that are taken after Level II are to learn advanced Reiki techniques. If you choose to open your own practice these techniques will allow you to heal others at a deeper level. Some people choose to take the Reiki training for their own spiritual enlightenment and it is not a requirement to heal others once you have been attuned to Reiki.


Advanced Reiki Training (A.R.T) opens you to some powerful tools such as psychic surgery and the removal of etheric cords. These come with great responsibility and as you are attuned to the Usui Master Symbol Dai-Ko-Myo you learn the ethics surrounding these healing abilities. You will also learn the power of crystals and how to create healing grids for yourself and others. This level you are taken on a guided mediation and will meet your Reiki Guide.

Reiki Level III Master/Teacher

The Level III Master/Teacher you will receive the last two symbols Tibetan Master Symbol Dai-Ko-Myo and the Tibetan Fire Serpent which gives you, if chosen, to pass the gift of Reiki to another. Being attuned to the Master level does not all of a sudden change you to an enlightened being as this is the beginning of your journey. It is the point in your life where your values and spiritual consciousness is enveloped with the Reiki energy and you are working on all aspects of your being.

Once someone has been attuned to the Level III Master/Teacher it is possible for them to download their own symbol to use in a special niche that person is supposed to help others in this world. Both Sarah Tricker and her Reiki Master Sherry Crawford have experienced this gift from the Reiki Masters who guide all Reiki attuned from the spirit realm. The following courses have been created using these special symbols and if you choose to embark on these journeys you will be attuned to extra Reiki symbols and taught their specific purpose.

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Reiki For Kids

Reiki for Kids is taught in two ways. The first is a set of mini classes designed to teach the gift of Reiki to young children. We are in an unprecedented time when it is becoming that people are open and free to the natural gifts we have as humans as healers.


Children are not being told that what they see and feel is silly and to suppress it. Now many parents are going on their own journey of discovery using tools such as crystals, Tarot cards, Reiki, and the natural herbs the heal the body. Many parents who have been attuned to Reiki find that their children are automatically drawn to use the Reiki energy too. awn to use the Reiki energy too.


Over a succession of hands on classes children learn the history of Reiki, how to use Reiki, how to help others as well as protect themselves, and receive an attunement to a specific Reiki symbol for children that was gifted to Sarah Tricker. This is taught in two separate age groups 5-9 years and 10-12 years.

This course is also taught as an advanced course for Reiki Level III Master/Teachers. For the Master is able to pass attunements they too after their attunement to this symbol can go on and teach the magic of Reiki.

Animal Reiki

Reiki for animals is something that anyone who has been attuned to Reiki can do however, for some the calling to work with animals is at a far deeper level. Sarah’s Reiki Master Sherry Crawford received a download of a symbol that is to work specifically on animals. This has been combined with the animal Reiki teachings to give a very powerful ability to work with animals.


These have been separated into two different courses on purpose. The first is for cats and dogs with the focus on many peoples love for the domesticated animals that bring such joy to our lives and homes. The second is for the horse which especially here in southern Alberta there is much to learn. The horse can be working to domesticated and has a unique personality that need to be considered greatly when healing.


With the use of Reiki healing for animals we can help both the owner and their pets heal and often you will discover it is a joint healing as people are so connected to their animals. It is also possible to become a Death Doula and help both the animals and their owners through the process of transition. This symbol can be used on any animal and in many different ways.

Animal Reiki Cats & Dogs

Animal Reiki for Horses

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About the Workshops

During Covid-19

With current Covid restrictions workshops have been moved to video conferences. If you enjoy a classroom learning you will love the video conference style setting. This will enable you to learn from the comfort of your own home and still connect with the instructor Sarah, and the students who have invested in the workshop.


The video conference workshop is taught the same as if we were meeting in person. You will receive a crown to crown attunement and will be shown how to complete a Reiki treatment in a chair, on a massage table, and self-healing. To receive your certificate you will have to complete an assessment showing you completing a Reiki session upon another.


Please note that under the Canadian Reiki Association Guidelines they do not accept Reiki training that is not completed in person!


There are many benefits from learning through video conference as there is no need to take time off work, plan your journey there and back, and any of the others concerns that you may have when going to a workshop.


You will be surrounded with like-minded people world-wide!

What’s Included?


Upon completion you will receive a printed copy of the manual, your certificate, and a free gift! (free world wide postage!)

Continued support from your mentor & instructor Sarah Tricker

A structured online workshop with direct teaching and interactive learning, including a lunch and self-care breaks.

Life-long friendships!

Reiki Academy

Launching 2021 you will soon have access to all the Reiki Levels and be able to work at your own pace incorporating Reiki into your life! As you progress through each module and accompanying videos you will have access to monthly live workshops where we will do the hands on practice.


With the support of your Reiki Master Sarah nothing is left to chance. You will have access to these live workshops for as long as you need to become a success Reiki practitioner. There is also an amazing student forum where you can connect with other students and arrange practice as well as creating lifelong friendships.


Please note that under the Canadian Reiki Association Guidelines they do not accept Reiki training that is not completed in person!

What’s Included?


It’s crazy that you have been searching for the perfect Reiki Master and here you are! There is something you need to know, Reiki is more than just healing and you will gain more than you could imagine!

Robust modules to learn the gift of Reiki

Lifetime access to all Reiki workshops taught by Reiki Master Sarah Tricker

Access to student forum

Individual attunements when you are ready!

Monthly live workshops to practice & grow

Share the Love!

With all that is going on in our world and everyone’s busy life wouldn’t it be nice if you could spend some time with your closest friends?


At Reiki Academy we know how important friendship is we want to share the love with you and your friends. If a group of you and your friends join the courses together you will each receive a bonus gift!


You will be surrounded with like-minded people world-wide!

$25 gift certificate!

Sarah Tricker Alchemy Gift Certificates are redeemable on any product, service, or academy products!

Your Investment!

Reiki Academy


(gst included)

Relaunch Coming 2021!

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