You cannot deny it ~ now is the time! Honestly you have become so tired of things always turning out the same. You have prayed and asked the universe for a sign! Sarah Tricker has been sent to you for a reason. It is not random that you are reading this now! This is time for you to trust what has been given to you. You are looking for a mentor who cares about you and your journey ~ Here she is!

Education Degree

When I moved to Canada I embarked on becoming a teacher, something I had wanted for a very long time, well since my children were born in the late 1990’s.
I worked very hard as we lived in a small town out of the city and at that time my children were only young. My husband was also a long haul truck driver so I was doing it all on my own through the week. I learnt how much I could push myself and my children saw what it was like for someone to strive for their goals!
I know it still seems strange to many people that after all that work I left teaching and all its benefits to start my own business. I can assure you though that it worked exactly as it was suppose too! I now have so many skills as a teacher from working in the system that make the classes I teach professional. I have combined all my knowledge and spiritual gift into something quite extraordinary!
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