Spiritual guides have been a part of our world for millennia. People have always consorted with those who were gifted to source answers to their questions, validation for their decisions, and to be able to see in the unseen. Know that your guides have brought you directly to this place today!

I am ready!



It is time to trust that the universe has your back. Sarah’s gift has been within her family for generations. There is no other explanation for you being here today other than fate!

You are searching for an alternative holistic healer!

You desire an out of the box way of finding solutions!

You have been searching for some guidance in your future!

You need validation for the decisions you are about to make!

You are suffering a body wide illness that you want to release!

Soul Purpose


There have been many twists and turns in Sarah’s life to bring her to the place of being on task in her soul purpose. From a young age Sarah hid from her gift. Yet it was always there in the background.


After becoming a mother Sarah’s life focus shifted as she raised her family. She was supporting her husband as he found his own life purpose. Being busy with young children took the focus of her gift and gave Sarah some breathing space.


As her children grew the calling once again began to get louder. After their move to Canada Sarah began to focus more on her own career. She successfully completed her education degree and began the path of teaching in high school. But somehow this was not fulfilling her soul as she expected.


After a personal development weekend retreat Sarah’s vision was becoming clearer. She left teaching only one year after starting her first business Tricker Tarot. It did not take long for the transformation to begin. Now creating an Academy and Signature Programs to help propel women into authenticity!

What will you gain?

Know that you don’t have to go it alone!

Abundance and health is your birth right!

Your loved ones are close and want to guide you!

Magic is all around you all you have to do is look for it!

The universe is here to support you and want you to call upon them!

I am ready!

Divination Tools


Sarah has been gifted with the ability to bring together the inner and outer worlds and with every interaction with spirit you are provided with an opportunity to experience a meaningful and magical experience. Your guides and loved ones are always available to help you in your journey here on the physical world and Sarah can tap into their wisdom.


The experience of the Tarot allows you to watch before your own eyes as the cards unfold showing you the tapestry of your life. You are not a bystander in your life and nor should you be in something that is so unique to you and your life story. Sarah will guide you on a journey where you will be intimately involved leaving you with a sense of clarity and hope for the future.


Sarah is trained as Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master and has been attuned in all levels of Usui Reiki. Reiki energy can never cause harm and is used only for good. This ancient form of Japanese healing is always given with love. There is no right or wrong way to receive Reiki healing as the universal energy will always go directly where it is needed. The benefits of Reiki are clearing the aura and blockages in the body, helping remove past life energy, and creating calm and an often pain free life.


Sarah received her 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in 2021. The use of movement of the body and breath is a powerful tool which can help you move energy and blockages from your body. The philosophies attached to Yoga include Doshas and Ayurveda which are practical ways to change how you feel at the deepest level in your body.

Spiritual Empowerment Coaching

A life coach helps people who are searching for change within their life and needs someone to look at their patterns of behaviour, limiting beliefs, and help them carve out goals. As a Spiritual Empowerment Coach Sarah dives deeper, we all know why we do what we do, and she helps you with a clear path in the now what?

 What is so unique about Sarah is that she is multifaceted and has many tools to draw upon. No one session will look the same as your healing evolves as does what Sarah brings to the table.

What's Included?

Here at Sarah Tricker Alchemy know that your spiritual guidance is like no other session you have ever attended before.

As an alchemist your experience is steeped in ritual from the moment you arrive, to when you leave. No matter if you join via video conference or in person we begin with clearing the space. Sarah will have chosen a candle and inscribed and dressed it intuitively before your arrival. We then begin the session with your chosen divination tool. To end the session Sarah will examine the candle which gives clear indication of the work that has been done. You will then get to set your own intention using a bay leaf and set it in motion.

Your Investment

Spiritual Guidance Session


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Spiritual Guidance Session

I am ready for Sarah to guide me.


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