For many centuries the Tarot has been described as the work of the Devil or the tool of the fortune teller. Tricker Tarot Academy has been created to dispel all of the old wives tales bringing the Tarot back to its true meaning. The Tarot is miraculous as it takes you on a path of enlightenment!

Hey there!

When you are researching the Tarot today there are as many workshops and online courses as there are decks available ~ and that is a lot!


To add to the somewhat overwhelming feeling of learning the meaning of the 78 cards and how all the cards fit together you now have to find the deck that is right and a mentor!


A true saying that is used time and time again is that you are always brought to the place you are supposed to be and here you are at Tricker Tarot Academy!
Here we pride ourselves on giving people the key that unlocks the mystery of the Tarot.
Stay a while and get to know Sarah a little better!

Want to know more?

The journey begins, but as you learn more you’ll find that it doesn’t really begin here, in 2015 when Sarah Tricker brought her first deck of Tarot cards. At this point in her life she was a high school Social Studies teacher and had no idea the domino effect this one innocent act would cause in her life.
Only one year later in 2016 Sarah had given up her teaching career and began her own business with the dream of becoming a million dollar Tarot reader.
This dream morphed and twisted with the opening of a store front with the dream of creating a Harry Potter type of school. After only three years of a physical space it became clear that so many people would not benefit Sarah’s unique teaching style and creative content.
Only a few months into the new decade 2020 Sarah decided to close the store front and put 100% of her effort into making her Academy accessible to the whole world!


Here you are!

What will you gain?

You will have confidence to read the Tarot without referring to the book!

You will with each level embark on your own enlightenment!

You will be able to use the Tarot in ways you never dreamed possible!

You will be able to trust your own interpretation 100%

You will never want to be without the Tarot again!

Tarot Basics


The first of the three courses that Sarah created with the use of a technique used in teaching called scaffolding, where a concept is broken down into easy to digest chunks and each lesson is a building block for the next.
Through Sarah’s own learning journey she too was aiming to learn how to memorize each of the meanings of the cards. Sarah is a big picture kind of girl and one of her sayings is “details, details, don’t stress me with the details!”
Now don’t take this to mean that Sarah is not concerned with details and takes short cuts that is not true! She likes to step back and look at how each of the cards fit into the bigger picture of the question that has been asked!

As you begin to learn to read the Tarot this course teaches you to put the book away and look at the pictography of your chosen deck to decipher the meaning.
You were drawn to the particular deck for a reason as it spoke to you. This course teaches you to become intimate with your cards and knowing that they are your cards and how to read them your way!
One of the biggest things you will discover is that there are many types of readers, Tarot Basics allows you to embrace who you are knowing that people will come to you for that reason alone!

Tarot Intermediate


You have spent some time pulling your daily cards and learning to read the card and trusting your intuition with the messages you received. You are now intimately connected with your cards and they are a part of you. Hey, you may have even done some small three card readings for some family and friends.
Now you’re ready to dive even deeper!
In the Tarot Intermediate course you will learn the Tarot is as serious as it is fun! You will be building your reading skills by learning techniques from reversed card to card combinations and how to read using specific spreads.

For those of you who struggled not to research and write everything down in the Tarot Basics you now have permission to do the research you’ve so desperately wanted to! You will thank me, I promise, that you stuck to learning to read the Tarot intuitively as that skill will never let you down when you are in the middle of a reading and one’s mind goes blank!
Now you will truly get to begin to pull together all of your learnings and as you dive deeper your journey of enlightenment will also deepen!

Tarot Advanced


Here we are at the end of the journey! NOT! Here you are at the beginning of your journey with some pretty cool tools in your bag to use as you carry your own torch of the Tarot into the world!
If you had not already figured it out the one thing that separated the beginner from the advanced reader is commitment. Your learning never ends and is a lifelong journey!

The Tarot is not always about reading for others it is also a way of life that will take you on your own path of enlightenment. Although now you should be very comfortable to read for others and make a business just as I did.
There are only ever the limitations you place upon yourself that stop you finding the success you have always desired. Allow the Tarot to take you on a journey.


Where will it take you?


About The Workshops 


If you enjoy a classroom learning you will love the video conference style setting. This will enable you to learn from the comfort of your own home and still connect with the instructor Sarah, and the students who have invested in the workshop.
There is no need to take time off work, plan your journey there and back, and any of the others concerns that you may have when going to a workshop.
You will be surrounded with like-minded people world-wide!

What’s Included?

Upon completion you will receive a printed copy of the manual, your certificate, and a free gift! (free world-wide postage!)

A code so you have free access to the online academy for the course you completed for life!

Continued support from your mentor & instructor Sarah Tricker

A structured online workshop with direct teaching and interactive learning, including a lunch and self-care breaks.

Life-long friendships!

Share the Love! 


With all that is going on in our world and everyone’s busy life wouldn’t it be nice if you could spend some time with your closest friends?



At Tricker Tarot Academy we know how important friendship is and we want to share the love with you and your friends. If a group of you and your friends join the courses together you will each receive a bonus gift!

Sarah Tricker Alchemy Gift Certificates are redeemable on any product, service, or academy products!



You will be surrounded with like-minded people world-wide!

Learn at Your Own Pace! 


There are many different types of learners in our world and many people with different life situations. We have done our best at Tricker Tarot Academy to make it as easy as possible for you to begin your journey when you are ready.


Does your work or family obligations conflict with the scheduled workshops?


Do you like to spend some time pondering the content before using it?


Does your current financial position stop you from joining?


Do you prefer to work at your own pace?


At Tricker Tarot Academy we have never wanted to push people away from their search for knowledge due to their current family or financial situations. It is true that you found us right here and right now.


Don’t fret there is an alternative to the Scheduled workshops!


An added bonus that we included too ~ Name Your Price! No really you pay what you think the course is worth or what you can afford today we will not be offended!


Upon your investment you will gain access to the online classroom where you will have access for life, as there are absolutely not time limits!


What’s Included?

Structured modules that you can work through at your own pace

Questions to aid you’re learning at the conclusion of each module

Videos to support your understanding where applicable

Downloadable and printable PDF manual, question workbook, & charts

NOTE: Learn at Your Own Pace is not a certified program!

Your Investment

Tarot Basics

$175 (+ gst)

Tarot Intermediate

$225 (+ gst)

Tarot Advanced

$325 (+gst)

Special Deal

All 3 for $580 (+gst)
20% discount save $140!

Dates & Times

Tarot Basics

Thursday, September 17, 2020
12 pm – 5 pm mdt

Tarot Intermediate

Friday, September 25, 2020
12 pm – 5 pm mdt

Tarot Advanced

Friday, October 23, 2020
12 pm – 5 pm mdt

Learn at my Own Pace

My desire draws me to work at my own pace, on my own, without certification and I can’t wait to Name my Price!

Tarot Basics

You are ready to learn how to read the Tarot without the use of the book and join the workshop scheduled Thursday 17th September 12 noon MDT.

Tarot Intermediate

Prerequisite: Tarot Basics! You are ready to move to the next level using Tarot spreads ~ join workshop Friday 25th September 12 noon MDT.

Tarot Advanced

Prerequisite: Tarot Int.! You are ready to use the Tarot in ways you couldn’t dream ~ workshop Friday 23rd October 12 noon MDT.

Buy all Three!

You are ready to learn it all and want to take advantage of this huge savings and to attend all 3 scheduled workshops. Save today!

Education Degree

When I moved to Canada I embarked on becoming a teacher, something I had wanted for a very long time, well since my children were born in the late 1990’s.
I worked very hard as we lived in a small town out of the city and at that time my children were only young. My husband was also a long haul truck driver so I was doing it all on my own through the week. I learnt how much I could push myself and my children saw what it was like for someone to strive for their goals!
I know it still seems strange to many people that after all that work I left teaching and all its benefits to start my own business. I can assure you though that it worked exactly as it was suppose too! I know have so many skills as a teacher from working in the system that make the classes I teach professional. I have combined all my knowledge and spiritual gift into something quite extraordinary!
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