Witch Seekers Passage

Learn all you need to know to become a Witch practicing magic safely!

Hey There!

Here at Sarah Tricker Alchemy we totally see how synchronicities work & the universe has brought you here for one or more of these;

For a long time, you have been curious about Witches and the craft

There is a longing inside of you to find the real truths surrounding Witches

You have an uncanny ability to be in tune with the feelings of others you are around

It is now time as you have been searching for some guidance so you can control your gifts and power

It is becoming more apparent that you need to connect with the Goddess in you!

There is still a lot of misconception that shrouds Witchcraft!

There have been many centuries of dogma which has ingrained that Witchcraft was the worship of the devil. Ironically the devil is a Christian concept and is not actually a belief system of Witches. Through the spread of Christianity many of the records of Witches were destroyed alongside the oral teaching of those who were killed. You will learn a detailed history through my years of research.
The Witch Seekers Passage has been designed with sharing of history, knowledge, and skills that are needed to be a White Witch. You will learn all you need to within this year long program.
Witch to me always means ‘woman in total control of herself’ and this group will be women who you can grow with and at the same time nurture one another whilst bringing a little magic to the mix.

What will you gain?


You will have a thorough knowledge of the history of Witchcraft

You will know what type of Witch you are!

You will be able to use the Moon cycle as a strength knowing the dark side

You will be able to write and cast spells with confidence

You will have your complete tool kit to do any magic you desire

Tarot Workshops!

Tarot Basics

Tarot Intermediate

Tarot Advanced

When we think of Witches, we always have in mind a gypsy theme with candles and crystal balls and the tarot spread upon the table. One of the benefits of joining this program is that you will also learn to use the Tarot with confidence. 


What kind of a Witch would you be anyway if you didn’t know how to use the Tarot?


After you have completed all three workshops you will be confident enough that you may read Tarot professionally if you choose!


Mediumship Fundamentals

When we are casting magic, connecting with deities, and creating sacred Rituals and Ceremonies our connection to spirit is paramount.

Newly Added 2020!


There was a key element missing in the first Witch Seekers Passage and that was the ability to connect with spirit. 


As you walk through the year learning all you need to about the craft, the Tarot, you will also learn all you need surrounding Mediumship. Some of the aspects of the Mediumship Fundamentals will enhance your Witch Seekers journey greatly!


After you have completed all three workshops you will be confident enough that you may read Tarot professionally if you choose!


Meeting your guide


Setting boundaries


Levels of spirit


Realms & Dimensions


Shadow People & Entities


Akashik Records


Astral Travel


And so much more!


Mediumship Fundamentals is now open for registration!



When I moved to Canada, I was a solitary Witch for many years. Sometimes it also seems very hard to be honest and authentic about who I really was. As my business has grown so has my confidence in telling people that I am a Witch. It took me a lot of courage to put this program together and put it out there for the world to really know!


The demand for this program blew me away and I began to see that there is nothing like this available for women in this area! 


Be assured that I am here as a teacher and High Priestess to guide you in a loving and caring environment without judgement or prejudice.


Our commitment to you here at Sarah Tricker Alchemy Academy is that your privacy is paramount. Your name will never be given out or on display anywhere in the metaphysical centre that can be seen by other clients or customers. As in all Covens your joining the program is secret. If you are not ready or not intending to tell people you are a Witch know your secret is safe with us!

Locrina Coven

The premise of the Witch Seekers Passage is to prepare one on all the basics of Low Magic. Low Magic is the thing we can create for ourselves here in the physical world. You will learn that you have a hand in your destiny on the Earth School learning all of the rules we have to adhere to so we do not interfere with the will of others.


At the end of the program for those who wish to join the Locrina Coven will be personally Invited by High Priestess Locrina (Sarah Tricker). The Coven is a big commitment to the path of being a Witch and it will not be for everyone. For those who do not enter you will leave with all the tools and skills to be a solitary Witch and continue on your own path.


The Coven is a safe space where you will grow your skills and dive into the more advanced High Magic. High Magic is where we are searching for enlightenment and knowledge beyond our physical surrounding of the Earth School.


Witch Seekers Passage Mentorship Program


The Witch Seekers Passage Mentorship Program is only open once per year and for only four women! The Locrina Coven is searching for women who have a genuine soul journey and that they are searching for their tribe.


There is an application and interview process to be accepted into this program. There is also a cost associated with the year journey in which you will have the close mentorship of Sarah Tricker and at times the Locrina Coven members.


Through experience this mentorship is only open to women who are 30 years and above. The Coven at this point is not accepting younger women and training them simply due to the search for women who have opened to their authentic self. This generally is not accomplished until later in life.


The journey of becoming a Witch and being a part of a Coven is not an easy one. Much to the trend of being a Witch the work is not superficial it is deep. Please be sure you are ready to commit to the journey before starting the application process.


Your Investment

One Time Payment

$2,912 (+ gst) Best Offer 15% Savings!

3 Equal Payments

$1,027.50 (+gst) 10% savings!

6 Equal Payments

$570.83 (+gst) No Discount

All mentorships programs come with a 14 day money back guarantee!

There is a scholarship available for each program for women that are ready to start their journey yet are held back due to their financial situation.


Please apply for the program and upon acceptance you may request the scholarship. The final decision lies with Sarah Tricker Alchemy Academy and is given to the woman most in need at the time of program and is dependent on the applicants of that year.

Witch Seekers Passage Mentorship Program

You feel that you are ready to begin the journey and feel in your heart and soul that you have found the Locrina Coven to fulfil your destiny as a Witch.

Witches Academy

Coming Soon!
A monthly membership subscription including practical magic, Sabbats, and Witch philosophy! Learn at your own pace and become a part of a world-wide witches community.
Note: All information provided is encrypted for your personal security never being shared with a third party other than Sarah Tricker Alchemy.
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