Witch Seekers Passage 12 Steps to Magic: How to cast confidently! Embracing the Triple Goddess and Horned God to guide you to be authentic in your craft! The path of enlightenment is not always an easy path. Through Sarah’s familiar gift and the creation of her Coven this 12 step path will lead you to your craft.

I am ready!

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you become a High Priestess?



To answer this question I should take you back to the defining moment where I began to teach women who were seekers of the craft and were searching for a High Priestess just as you are now!


There have been many centuries of dogma which has ingrained that Witchcraft was the worship of the devil. Ironically the devil is a Christian concept and is not actually a belief system of Witches. Through the spread of Christianity many of the records of Witches were destroyed alongside the oral teaching of those who were killed.


From the history I know about my past lives and my family it is almost certain that I come from a line of the cunning folk in England. We were the practitioners of magic who were active from the medieval period through to the early twentieth century. When you think of the old lady who was on the outskirts of the quaint English village, she was of cunning folk. Using generations of potions, spells, and knowledge to help heal others and combat malevolent witchcraft. Although they were not seen as the same as Witches and largely escaped the Witch Hunts, the cunning folk slowly began to fade in the background in fear of persecution.


The Witch hunts left many women scared to use the age old solutions to their healing and even show a glimmer of the gift. This fear and trauma laid thick in my DNA as I was a solitary practitioner for many years never even dreaming of telling people who I truly was.


I have been doing this work a lifetime and many more. Here in my current life I believe it began when I rented that little room in a flower shop here in southern Alberta. I slowly started to show my authentic self. It did not happen overnight, hey let’s be honest, there aren’t many Tarot readers who are not connected to the craft in one way or another!


As my business grew and I left the teaching profession it became easier and easier to just be me. Even when I knew I had to help all these women around me in search of a mentor I still had to take a leap of faith. Finally I had to admit to the world, once and for all, that I am a Witch. That I was stepping into the role as High priestess. It was now my turn to guide others on the long journey I had been on myself.

Who are your clients?


Here at Sarah Tricker Alchemy we totally see how synchronicities work & the universe has brought you here for one or more of these;

For a long time, you have been curious about Witches and the craft

There is a longing inside of you to find the real truths surrounding Witches

You have an uncanny ability to be in tune with the feelings of others you are around

It is now time as you have been searching for some guidance so you can control your gifts and power

It is becoming more apparent that you need to connect with the Goddess or the God in you!

What makes you different from other High Priestesses & Covens?


It undoubtedly has become trendy to be a Witch today. With the many television shows, books, and influencers that make the craft seem like you can get up in the morning and think what spell can I do today? You may feel like it is impossible to find a genuine practitioner who truly wants you to learn and be able to practice safely.


As a High Priestess I take the teaching I do seriously. This is the benefit of my education degree. The Witch Seekers Passage has been created using a scaffolding strategy. Each lesson builds onto the next and as your knowledge and skill increases so does the complexity of the lessons. This is a tried and practiced methodology that the coven members have worked through ready to become an initiate.


As fore-mentioned my family has a long line of healers, mediums, and cunning folk in our lineage, on top of this, I am also a trained Reiki Master, Life Coach and Yoga Teacher. All of these gifts and training help me provide high quality coaching in all spiritual areas of your life as well as your craft.


There is a fine line between the old ways and embracing the modern world. This is a contention that has shown up in many of the esoteric modalities. From Witchcraft to Reiki we have all been navigating how to embrace to technology without losing our connection to other humans. The Locrina coven has gone from in person intimate group, to online, back to in person and everywhere between. Two years down the line and coming out of the other side we have decided to go hybrid. This not only allows our members to act according to their own comfortability, navigate life, and create a community that can expand past borders. Members are welcome to participate in one, or the other, and are encouraged for both!

What type of personality do I work best with and what is expected of me?


The Witch Seekers Passage workshops, products, and programs have been created for people who are 100% ready and willing to do whatever it takes to become authentic, encompassing and embracing all in their craft.


This means that you are prepared to make changes, implement the strategies, and work through the resistance. This journey is not an easy one and life is going to happen! Building resilience means that you are committed to your own success even in the face of adversity.


As the type of person who once I have committed to something and made my mind up doing what needs to be done myself, I’m known to work best with other people who truly want to become the best versions of themselves and who are in search of a proven process to get them there!


Consider for a moment what your life would look like if you were fully connected to the Goddess and God. That you are now confident and have embraced all aspects of the craft into your life fully stepping into your authentic self. Imagine the doors that would open once you take control and understand that you are not a bystander in your own life, you are no longer the victim of circumstance, and you are the creator of your own destiny! Allow me to take your hand fully supporting and guiding you to achieve your fullest potential.


For what type of people are your programs NOT going to work?

Please know that I am very selective in who I work with! There is a process in place so that people who are not suited to my programs are gently turned away. The Witch Seekers Passage program does not suit everybody and it is not fair for me to take the money from someone who will not get the results they have signed up for.


The Witch Seekers Passage is NOT for people who are;


In a financial crisis, who have no money, and are financially desperate. If you are worried about paying next month’s bills or putting food on your table it is almost impossible to commit to the required work expected of you.


Does not see the value of investing money into themselves. Generally most people place themselves at the bottom of the list and this is going to bring up resistance. It is hard for people in this space to trust the process and recommendations that are given.


Is currently using drugs and/or alcohol. Please take an honest look at how you are using substance within your life! Spiritual journeys are often hard as you have to delve into the shadow side. I am NOT a counselor, therapist, or psychologist and as a recovering codependent living with a recovering alcoholic it is not appropriate for an addict of any kind to be in this program.

Please note: if you have and/or are seeing a professional therapist for addiction or trauma and have done the work so you are on top of these, and your practitioner now thinks you are stable and in a place to work on your spiritual side, there is no reason not to join the program.


Are looking for a one fix pill. There is no one fix pill! The journey to enlightenment takes work and commitment and you will get out what you put in. There is a reason this program is for one full year!


A victim of circumstance. Nothing is your fault and everything around you is someone else’s fault; the government, your partner, your kids, your job, your parents, the neighbour and their cat. You get the picture. For those people who cannot take responsibility for themselves and their actions in their own life this program is definitely not for you as you are responsible for your own life and the choices and decisions you make!


If you fall within any of these categories it’s absolutely OK! Most people have been at these places at times. I totally trust that you have found me for a reason and it may be that the time is not right now. Do yourself three favours;


1. Get your finances tidied up. Deal with the gremlins that keep you awake at night. If you truly believe this program is for you there is a way for you to pay. Get a part time job, sell unwanted items, and begin saving a small amount each month. Be creative!


2. Get help for your addictions and/or trauma. Even if you have done this before and it didn’t work this time may be the time. You are worthy of a life of sobriety to become the best version of yourself. You are worthy of living fully even after experiencing trauma. Take back your power and live!


3. Sign up to my Facebook group and begin the process of making changes in your life daily and surrounding yourself with people who are on the same journey.


Doing these three things will really help you get primed and ready for our work. When you’re ready, call me and we’ll get you started. I am in no rush and will be here when you need me. Hey one other thing! Personalities I won’t work well with, without exception, are the whiner or the chronic skeptic, the people who constantly make excuses for not doing the work, and for those who challenge the program. If you are one of these people, I gently and respectfully ask that you do not call and I hope you understand why. We just won’t work well together and I don’t want you to waste your time or your money!

What exactly is ‘Witch Seekers Passage 12 Steps to Magic: How to cast confidently! Embracing the Triple Goddess and Horned God to guide you to be authentic in your craft!’ system and what does it include?

Witch Seekers Passage 12 Steps to Magic: How to cast confidently! Embracing the Triple Goddess and Horned God to guide you to be authentic in your craft! Begins with the discovery of who you are. Each of us brings a different skill set to our craft and this journey will help you discovery who you truly are with connection to the cycles of life.


1. History of Witchcraft: There are many mysteries shrouding the craft. The journey begins by taking a look at the past and where the origins of magic begin.


2. Dark Moon Wisdom: Before you can begin getting into the practical part of casting you have to know all of you. Meet your shadow side and no longer allow her control of you.


3. Planets & Moon Magic: There is much power in the lunar cycle and the planets. You will no longer have to fight the aspects of your surroundings and instead be at one with them.


Triple Goddess ~ Maiden & Womb Healing: As womban we have been removed from the Womb mysteries. You will learn the power of the womb and how to heal from within.


5. Triple Goddess ~ Mother & Mother Wound: Woman are unique in how the wound is passed through our wombs. Healing the mother wound changes the future of our children and humanity.

6. Triple Goddess ~ Crone Wisdom: The aspect that has been portrayed as the end of life yet is perhaps the most important as the handing down of wisdom continues the cycle of life.

7. Tools of the craft: The energy and meaning of the tools of our craft is deeper than you may believe. Learn how to build an energetic connection for the benefit of your craft.


8. The Horned God: To bring balance into our craft we have to draw upon the energies of the underworld; life, death, and rebirth!


9. Psychic enchantments: Learn the ability to turn aethereal vibrations into thought patterns that the mind can understand and interpret easily and accurately.


10. Chaos Magic History & core principles: Chaos Magic came to break away barriers that have been built up over centuries aiming to make the journey of the magician open to all possibilities life offers you.

11. Using Chaos Magic: Becoming disciplined in your work is the key to transformation in your magical techniques.

12. Chaos Servitors: Creating sigils and servitors to access knowledge that is not openly available in our mother tongue.


Through each module, on top of the theme, you will also learn the basics of magic such as casting circles, candle magic, colours, creating your own spell, and all the different types of Witches there are. By the end there will be no stone left unturned and you will be connected to your craft authentically and confidently!

New! Expanded Materials ~ Horned God!


Looking back when the Witch Seekers Passage and the Locrina Coven was first created there was a calling for the members to be female. We are always guided on the path that was meant at the time and trust that it changes as needed. It became clear over the duration that to bring true balance to our Coven and to the content in the Witch Seekers Passage that there needed to be the element of Masculine.


The chase of the Horned God and Triple Goddess through the turning of the wheel is integral to the teachings. The expanded materials that are now available focus on the Horned God; Warrior, Father, and Sage. The Horned God is the protector of the Goddess, children, and the forests. He is the lord of death. He travels under the sun and the underworlds.


There are many different views on gender within our world right now. In the teaching within this course and our coven there is both masculine and feminine. This is the duality of life both a seed and a womb is needed to bring anew.


As a womban my life growing up has been different to those born as man, as is my experience as Caucasian to those who are black, being English to those who are Spanish. We are welcoming of all and support which energy you are; feminine or masculine. However, it is also asked that all members are respected for their connection to their womb and the rights that are associated thereof.


Women have fought for centuries for autonomy of their bodies and as of yet do still not fully have this right in our modern world. The chase of the Horned God and Tripple Goddess brings the value of both the masculine and feminine energies and how they are needed to bring balance to our world. If this does not align with your core values The Locrina Coven is not for you.

Bonus Features!

Tricker Tarot Academy

What Witch is complete without the skills of reading the Tarot with confidence? Gain complete access to the Academy learning how to use the Tarot to enhance your craft!

Mediumship Academy

There is no better way than to learn how to connect with your guides and hone your mediumship skills in the path of magic. Gain complete access to the Academy and the key to becoming a medium!

Eight Sabbats

Learn the significance of each of the Sabbats in the turning the wheel of the year. Includes history and practical solitary rituals.

Monthly Live Akelarre

Join Sarah Tricker LIVE every month with other members of the course to deepen your learning of the craft!

Student Forum

You are not alone in this journey to find your craft. Connect with other students to create a community of like-minded people as well as friends for life!

Locrina Coven Membership

Once you have signed up as a Witch Seekers you will receive a special code that grants you membership to the Coven where you can join the Lunar & Sabbats with current members!

What makes your online academy different from others?

Throughout my journey as an entrepreneur I have purchased high end programs to support me in marketing and growing my business. Each of these investments that I made in myself also helped me feel what it was like to be a student. There were lots of things that I liked and also many things that left me feeling frustrated. Let me tell you I had invested large amounts of money into these Signature Programs and I did not want to leave anything to chance for my Academies!


1. Content is not repeated!
You will not see a repeat in content in the purchase you make with me. In the Witch Seekers Passage the twelve modules, tarot, and mediumship bonuses does not have the same content rehashed in a different way. There is an obvious theme that will thread throughout and yet each of the courses stand alone in their teachings. In one course I signed up to the all access pass and when I went in found every course had just repeated exactly the same content over and over and I felt disappointed and actually left the program. I never want my students to feel this way!


2. LearnDash Courses
There has been much time, money, and diligence in the structure that we used to build the online Academies. There are so many platforms to choose from, in fact we had almost finished building a course when we changed to a better platform because of the final user experience. Know that many hours of perfecting and testing has occurred to make sure your experience as a student is easy and user friendly. We are guaranteeing that LearnDash is the best platform as their whole focus is solely on online learning.


3. Membership Portal
Everything you need for your course is found within the login portal. You can access any of the courses you have invested in, connect in the student’s forums with other students, and invest in new programs. You will never have to leave the website and go to an external Facebook or messenger group. You will never have to leave to watch videos or fill in forms. Everything is 100% integrated into the website.


4. Student Forum
This is one of the aspects of our online Academy that I am personally most excited about. On your search for your tribe you may find you are often bombarded with Facebook groups which can be based around selling you a program. Here we want you to connect with likeminded people. Each course you are registered in you will be able to see and connect with other students. You may request an exchange reading, you may ask for help, and advice all provided within the security of our website. Your profile is fully controlled by you!


If you have ever brought an online course before and were left feeling frustrated or unsatisfied we know that will not be your experience with the Sarah Tricker Alchemy Academy!

I am ready!

Does this really work?

This proven system takes you on a specific journey allowing you to find your authentic self within the craft. Nothing is left to chance! You, as the other women who have walked before you, will find confidence in becoming in tune with the Goddess & God bringing both balance and trust in the greater powers that are at work within our lives.

What others have to say!

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What results can I expect?

Discover your truth

 Find your connection with source

 Understand your powers

No longer be the victim of circumstance

Healing the womb space

Release trauma from the body

Connection with the lunar & planetary cycles

Step into your feminine power

Confidence in your craft

Find your soul sisters

Cast with confidence

Be at one with mother earth

Balance of mind, body, and soul

Wholeness from the fragmented

Multiple skill sets within divination

Deeper connection with your intuition

Living from compassion of all living things

Raise your vibration

Find magic and feel magic

Open your heart and expand into your true being (many of my clients tell me this is worth the investment alone!)

I am ready!

How quickly can I expect results?


There are many factors that affect how each individual makes their inner shifts! Some clients are ready to go and jump right in with both feet becoming authentic to their craft full of confidence!


Sometimes women have a bit more work to do first and it takes them a little longer. A large part of this is dependent on how long you have been on a spiritually enlightened journey. If indeed you are new to those and have done no spiritual, personal development, or shadow work before you start this journey it may take longer than those who already have done some work.


In a nutshell there are, for each of you, many life factors that you may need to work through and that can dictate the amount of time you need to see results.

How can I guarantee myself I Will get results?


You have taken the first step and invested in yourself. Now the work begins on breaking the resistance to succeed. Do all of your homework. Be totally committed to your success. Understand that this is a process, a proven one that only works if you take action and implement the steps. All my clients who have diligently applied every step of Witch Seekers Passage 12 Steps to Magic: How to cast confidently! to embrace the Triple Goddess and Horned God to guide you to be authentic in your craft! have successfully become confident in all aspects of the craft fully connecting to their authentic self. All of this in much less time than if they would have done it on their own! They have fully opened their hearts and expanded into their true being!

Your Investment

One Time Payment


(gst included)

All mentorships programs come with a 14 day money back guarantee!

Sarah Tricker Alchemy, based on everything I’ve read and heard about you, I know you’re the one I want to learn from. What are my options for getting started with you?


Congratulations on making the decision for success! I’m happy to work with you as your High Priestess so you may become authentic in your craft. If you are ready I’ll see you on the inside of the program. Don’t hesitate to book your discovery session with me today! Here we can connect and I can answer any questions you may have and we can get you started on a journey that you will never look back on!

Discovery Session

I would like to connect with Sarah Tricker to discuss the Witch Seekers Passage further

Witch Seekers Passage

I am ready to become authentic in my craft under the guidance of a High Priestess!

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