In today’s world we are constantly on the move with more demands than ever before; no time to switch off and fill our own cup. Many of us have become disconnected from the soul. Is your body tired and your mind over stimulated? With the practice of Yoga it is possible to control the mind, the body, and align with the intention of your soul!

I am ready!

Hey There!



There are no twists of fate you have been brought here right in this moment in time for one, or maybe more, of the following;

You are seeking a guide to help you carve a clear path

You have been searching for a sacred home routine

You are experiencing pain or stiffness in your body

You are longing to be able to connect back to you!

You have or are suffering a body wide illness

You are unable to quiet your mind

You want peace

Becoming a Yogi


Everyone’s journey to Yoga is very different and yet important. For Sarah her connection came through her career as a high school teacher. When she was training and working her first teaching position Sarah was lucky enough to work at Kainai High School in Standoff, Alberta. The Principle she worked under at this time was a visionary. As a team of teachers we were fortunate to experience a period of great growth and also extra ordinary ways to not only educate our students at the same time fill them as a whole being.


One of the weekly pursuits was Yoga!


For teachers and students alike they all met in the main hall and had a Yogi from India come and teach them breathing and movement flows. As a staff and school they saw such improvements. It was even implemented where in exam week students would do yoga and have a cooked breakfast before they wrote!


Sarah’s career path changed which led her to teach in another district. Eventually leaving her lane as a public high school teacher Sarah headed directly into entrepreneurship. This time period, as you may imagine, became very intense and she left her path as yogi for a few years. This was partly due to time and also access to yoga. Living in a small town in rural Alberta there was not a huge access to yoga so instead Sarah joined the gym and worked on commitment to her body through this medium.


It is interesting how the pandemic brought about another huge shift Sarah’s commitment to health and her body. There was a lot of stress during the beginning with the closing of the store, trauma from the way the dream ended, and moving her business home. The first year of the pandemic was really a healing process.


Many of Sarah’s self-care routines were put aside as her body rested. Meditation, Reiki self-healing, gratitude journaling, alongside the services that could not be accessed easily due to the constant shut downs such as massage therapy and the gym. This took a great strain on her body which led her back into the path of yoga!


It began as a way to stop the pain. Both Sarah and her daughter committed to three to four mornings a week and started meeting via video conference. It did not take long for both of them to experience the benefits both physically and mentally.


You cannot deny the truth in the saying ‘when the student is ready the teacher will appear’! One of Sarah’s close friend is a yogi and has been on her path for many years. In fact they had a conversation about three years previous about Sarah training and neither of them were ready. It was time! Becoming a yoga teacher is the next piece of the puzzle Sarah needed to help not only herself, also to help her clients at the next level!


What will you gain?


The practice of yoga has been around for many centuries which has been scientifically proven to benefit the body & mind;

Strengthening of the muscles and bones

Builds awareness for transformation

Deeper & more restorative Sleep

A more robust immune system

Enhance & encourage self-care

Calming of the mind

The list of benefits for taking time to meet yourself on the mat are too many to even begin to share!

Vinyasa Yoga ~ Flow!


Vinyasa philosophy at its core sees how temporary the nature of everything is. How things change in a moment. What once was is, now is not. Think about the moment you are in right now, connecting with that moment it has passed. You are now in the next moment.


In Vinyasa we learn to use that flow by moving from one pose into another, seamlessly, using the core power of the breath. This variation helps you develop a more balanced body and mind.


When we look at the Sanskrit word Vinyasa the ‘vi’ means variation and ‘nyasa’ is prescribed parameters and shows you how using these variations in a prescribed way brings consciousness to each movement you flow through.


Yoga can become a powerful tool that helps you glide through the cycles of life. In our modern world we have become disconnected with natural cycles yet they are present everywhere. Day and night, ebbs and flows, masculine and feminine energy, growth and decay, the four seasons, we are never static!


Vinyasa helps us understand the sequence of consciousness through movement and breath. The day you pick up your mat and join yourself you will express how you are thinking and feeling through your movement. Some days you will have perfect poses and other days you will struggle. This is the joy of yoga as it will ultimately help you move those feelings allowing you to free yourself.


Here is a secret that you may not know! Yoga isn’t about the perfect pose. In fact it doesn’t matter if you have been on the mat for 30 years or 30 days. Every body shape is different and every pose will look different in every body. Yoga is for every body type too!


What is the key to Vinyasa? Breath! When was the last time you took a deep breath? For many of us in our busy lives we may not even take the time to breathe fully and deeply. Connecting with the breath calms and relaxes your body wide system. The gift you give yourself when you join a Vinyasa yoga class is the gift of inner peace.


Vinyasa meets you where you are today!


Sarah’s Yoga Studio


It may have become clear to you that Sarah is the same as all yoga teachers. Our world is forever changing and that also means so is our world and how once things were done are not always going to look the same. If there is one thing that the year 2020 taught all of us is that our time is very precious. Many companies are becoming hybrid workplaces where there are no big offices and more and more people are working from home.


When Sarah closed her store front it felt like it was the end of the dream. It wasn’t! It became clear as time progressed that there are so many more benefits to moving online. IT’S CONVIENIANT! If you have young children there is no need to find a sitter, if the weather is bad you don’t have to travel on the roads, you don’t waste time driving, if you live further away you can still access teachers worldwide.


The two commodities we cherish the most in our world; our time and the money we have accumulated. These are protected when we choose to access yoga through video conference creating a sacred home practice.


But wait…..


There is something else you need to know about Sarah’s Yoga Studio!


If you know Sarah, or have taken some time to get to know her here or on her social media, you know that she is a High Priestess of a Coven. When you look back to the ancient times, even in yoga practice, people were attuned to the cycles of the earth and the stars. You will discover that Sarah’s yoga flows have been created in accordance with the planetary actions! This can range from the New & Full Moon, to Mercury Retrograde. Instead of fighting the energy, learn how to work with it through the use of movement.


What you might see!

Vinyasa Yoga
Movement in key as you flow from pose to pose in a carefully selected sequence. The breath is incorporated with movements to guide you through life’s transitions with ease.

Restorative Yoga
The use of props are key as the poses are held up to 20 minutes. The purpose is to reduce stress and relax the body

Hatha Yoga
This style is slower paced and is the umbrella term for most styles that are physical based. This is the most popular and is usually what beginners seek.

Nidra Yoga
Using meditation Nidra dives deep into the conscious to promote a restorative state for both the mind and the soul.


Yin Yoga
A slower paced yoga with seated postures which are held from 45 seconds to 2 minutes. There is a specific set of 26 poses which are all performed twice.


One thing is for sure when you join Sarah’s Yoga Studio is that her sessions are slower paced to help align your body and mind with the energy of earth and stars!

Transcendence Evolution Yoga

90 Day Take back your body & mind confidence!


If there is one thing that is certain in life at times we need to work more deeply on ourselves with a guide. When we look back at the history of yoga it was a very solitary with the sacrifice of the ego through self-knowledge. Over time yoga was organized into the eight limbed path creating the steps to enlightenment. What we see today in the modern studio yoga classes is very different. However, the benefit is that yoga is reaching more people than ever before.


The journey of your yogi Sarah has evolved over her life. There is always a perfect time for your calling to yoga as Sarah experienced. It is true that you may be new to the journey or one who has walked the path for many years. Your soul is calling for you to connect at a deeper level and you are searching for a proven process. There is no coincidence you are here right now at this moment in time reading this page!

Yes! This is exactly what I have been searching for!


Sarah’s Yoga Studio

You are looking for movement in your life!


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