Looking back over my life each twist and turn, accomplishment, setback, momentous and small feats, has led me to right here and right now where my purpose is now a vision! The wisdom I hold as a healer and spiritual reader is generational through the feminine side.
I was not ready to embrace my power for most of my life. I married, raised a family, attained my education degree, and taught as a high school teacher ~ there was always something missing! My attempt to conform to society threw me into a position where I was at a crossroads, teacher or spiritual reader and healer. As scary as that moment was I know there are no coincidences and I set out on the path of the unknown.
I am the first woman in all my family history to embrace my gift with the intention of empowering others!

Why Sarah Tricker Alchemy?

When you are in a space of confusion and before you know it, serendipity occurs and here you are reading this! How do I stand out from the many other readers and healers that are around? I believe that it is my vision to embrace the female power. There is the pragmatic side of me that is well versed in education and I am always seeking more wisdom. Each insight I gain I share with the work I do for my clients. Education, life coaching, spiritual reading and healing gives you an authentic way to transform and evolve. The only limitations are your imagination!

Alchemist & Creator

Who am I? I am a change maker and have the ability to see what lies in the unseen and unexplained. When you are beginning to reinvent yourself, I can guide you through change and paradigm shifts. My passion is non-conformist and allows you to think bigger by showing you new realities within your own life! Every moment is a miracle and there is always opportunity even when you are unable to see it. Your dreams are there within your reach and the only limit within your life is your imagination!


I help women to empower their lives by aligning their dreams through coaching, healing, and inspiration!


Sarah Tricker Alchemy empowers soul searching women who struggle with their authentic self who feel frustrated, confused, and lonely and are searching to create clarity of their life purpose!

Meet Our Team



It has taken me a long time to fully trust the divine plan that I had chosen for this life. That I am destined to do the work to heal and guide others. Although I had always been walking the path it did not really begin to take shape until I moved to Canada and started my education degree at the University of Lethbridge. This ignited my thirst for knowledge. 

Many people may not see how an education degree and experience as a high school teacher would help me as a soulpreneur. When I left teaching in 2016 it wasn’t fully clear to me either. I have been in search of wisdom which led me to connect with Mediumship training, Reiki, Life Coaching, and most recently my Yoga Teacher Training. The more knowledge I gain the more pieces of the puzzle come together. This is how as a teacher I can bring everything together in an easy to digest way for my clients to learn and grow. 

Here at Sarah Tricker Alchemy we are looking for clients who are ready to start their journey of healing and learning. Women who are ready to invest in themselves. When the time is right you will truly see that you can get what you want instead of accepting what comes your way! I have walked the path and truly live what I teach creating my life by design. If this is what you are searching for you have be guided to the right place.



I have been an artist my whole life and was formally trained at ACAD where I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts. After freelancing for years and working in various businesses, I decided to go back to school to learn how to build websites. I attended SAIT’s Web Developer program where I received a Certificate with Honours in Web Development. With a strong background in art, I combine artistic creativity with design principles and marketing strategies to create websites that are not only functional but beautiful as well.



Hello, my name is Ashley Simpson-Thistlethwaite and I am Sarah’s photographer and video editor. I grew up on a ranch south west of Claresholm and now reside in Fort Macleod, Alberta.

I call myself “ALT EVENT PHOTOS”.

My specialty is Roller Skate Events! But I have also photographed: Weddings, Graduation Photoshoots, Cake Smashes’, Roller Derby Events, Roller Discos, Birthday Parties, Family Photoshoots, Maternity, Rodeo, and Nature. I have also done a couple Photo Booths! 

Growing up on the ranch, my parents gave me the opportunity to pursue the sport of rodeo and participate in 4H. 

I learned how to skate with the Harbour City Rollers in Nanaimo, BC; then moved to Calgary, Alberta. Since I moved to Calgary two years ago, I have not been playing Derby but learning roller dancing and skating the local skate parks! I have been skating for 4 years now and have taken classes and clinics from very talented, knowledgeable skaters.   

I am very honored to be apart of Sarah’s growing team; and am very excited for all of our Future adventures!  

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