Becoming a Witch is today a path that many people, both men and women, are taking. There is a definite shift in our world and it is more appealing for us to connect with the more spiritual side of our human nature.

I am ready!

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When you look back at the history of our world we lost the connection to the Earth and started using the world as a place to extract what is needed for profit. Humans also began following monotheist religions which shifted the path of our lives.

You are experiencing an awakening in your life and find a lot of solace in Witchcraft

Paganism, Wicca, and Witchcraft is a very broad spectrum of beliefs that seem profoundly overwhelming

With the plethora of books, groups, and other social media it may feel impossible to know where to even begin

You are in search of a trusted group who are committed to their own craft and guiding others on theirs

High Priestess Locrina

High Priestess Locrina (Sarah Tricker), was born in England and was indeed surrounded by the highest population of Witches. Yet comes from a family of Christian background. This was a place she never really felt at home but as it is often said you have always been a Witch it just takes some time to be ready to fully connect with this part of you.


Locrina has been a Witch in multiple lives beginning as a Druid. The Druid’s were the philosophers, teachers, magicians, and astrologers of ancient Britain and Gaul (France). They were the mediators between the humans and the Gods. This was one of the places back in this time where men and women had equal status.


Locrina’s second life as a Witch came immediately after the untimely death of her life as a Druid High Priestess. In this life she was taken in by a coven and used. This was the shadow side of her craft as she used her powers to hurt others and lived a very solitary life.


Then in the 1700’s Locrina was a local Witch to a village and spent many years practicing her craft. This life was the polar opposite of the previous and she only worked with the light.


Many lives were lived between those and the one she lives here today. Locrina never fully embraced her purpose as a powerful High Priestess until today! After emigrating to Canada from England in 2007 and completing her Education and Arts and Science Degree did Locrina go on her own spiritual awakening journey.

Bit by bit Locrina has slowly emerged as a Witch in her small Southern Alberta community. After leaving her Social Studies teaching position in 2016 to fully embrace her life-purpose of guiding others through their own spiritual awakening, the final piece was put in place with the creation of her coven in 2019.

What is a Coven?

In its basic form a coven is a group in which practitioners with the same beliefs come together for Rituals of the Moon or the eight Sabbats. It is run by a third degree High Priestess and/or High Priest and is a safe place to learn the craft under someone who is experienced.

With Witchcraft becoming trendy in today’s climate many people who purchase books and learn for themselves will use what is known as low magic where you use magic to manifest what is real and tangible. A coven however, will teach you high magic where you learn how to connect to other realms and entities in a safe environment.

Sarah Tricker Alchemy

For Locrina her work is sacred. Sarah Tricker Alchemy has evolved since 2015 and gone through many changes from its conception.


Sarah began as a Tarot Reader. However, her business didn’t stay like that for long! When she left teaching in 2016 she embarked on her mediumship training from her Mother who was trained in England in the 1990’s. Sarah is a fifth generation medium in the familial side of her family.


The following year her and her mother opened up a tiny little store and worked to heal others. Sarah was drawn to Reiki and received her Master’s certificate under Shiki Ryoho Reiki. The year ended with the separation of mother and daughter in business and Sarah taking her Life Coaching certification.


Over the next few years Sarah rebranded from Tricker Tarot to Sarah Tricker Alchemy and began the process of starting her academy. Her store expanded and she employed staff with the vision of creating a Harry Potter type academy.


Sometimes when you get what you think you want you realize that it was not your dream after all! Sarah now has created a sacred space in her home and is working on high quality mentorship programs as well as continuing to read and heal people spiritually. The online academy is being expanded so that it may help people world wide.

How to join the Coven?

The Locrina Coven began as an intimate group of women who met in person twice a month and for the Sabbats. In the beginning there was no plans to become a hybrid Coven believing this would break our connection as a group.


We began the Coven fully during the pandemic and went back and forth depending on restrictions and comfort levels of the members from in person to online. As we all navigated the pandemic like in many people’s relationships fractures began to show in the differing views on what was unfolding in the world.


The intention was never to be a group that was about anything other than the craft. With the tensions running high The Locrina Coven was placed on a sabbatical from January ~ April 2022 for the members to heal from the pandemic and events occurring in their personal lives.


High Priestess Locrina knew that the Coven was always going to have ebbs and flows. Following the cycles of the seasons and the lunar cycles we know changes are a part of the path. These can occur with members, structures, ideas, and our beliefs. This is a part of humanness and our journey that we walk throughout our lifetime on the earth. One thing we can be sure of is change.


Beginning Beltane 2022 The Locrina Coven will be relaunching as a hybrid Coven! We believe that this will allow our Coven to become a community of likeminded people who will come together to celebrate the turning of the wheel and lunar cycles to honour the Lord and the Lady. The New Moon will be via video conference, The Full Moon in person, and the Sabbats will be Hybrid.


The benefits of a hybrid Coven is that we are more flexible for changing events, in not only our world events, also our personal lives. When family, work, health, or life in general is pulling you from every direction you can join video conference and come in person when time allows. For those who are long distance members you can join video conference and plan for a trip for the in person events as you can. Win Win!


Now you’re ready to join!


Year One: The first year you will complete the Witch Seekers Passage Mentorship Program through Sarah Tricker Alchemy Academy. This will prepare you in all areas of low magic. The journey of the Seeker you will work upon your shadow side, learn the skills of the Tarot, and complete your Mediumship training. You will be a member of the Coven and join us for the lunar cycles and the Sabbats observing how Initiates and above contribute to the Coven.


After One Year & One Day: If you have completed all aspects of the Witch Seekers Passage and feel you are suited to the Coven you will be initiated. As the apprentice you will embracing the lunar cycles and the turning of the Wheel. Becoming one with ritual being a part of daily life.


The Initiate may be in this part of the journey for one year or as long as you need. There is never any pressure to move to the second or third degree until you are ready. The next two degrees are preparation for leadership roles. For those who do not wish to become a leader the path of elder and mentorship is taken.

Please stay a while and get to know me a little better!

I believe you were brought here to me today for a reason!

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